20 January 2012

Happy new year

It seems traditional to begin the new year with an outline of the plans ahead, and for geek blogs this is no different. Not being one to break from tradition, here goes, although the list is somewhat aspirational:

Ongoing Projects

  • Finish Bestiary and get some play-testing in
  • Paint up knights, dogs, brigands, trolls, giant, gryphon, demons, human guardsmen...

  • Paint the rest of my Chaos Pact team for the NAF Cup in Nottingham at the end of May  
  • Completed 14/5/2012

  • Finish rebasing and touching up my valkyrie team  (low priority, more of an optional extra)

New Projects

How awesome is Victorian Science Fiction, eh? Now I've gone and bought the GASLIGHT rules and a few packs of figures to get stuck in...
  • Finish naval landing party unit
  • Design and build a 28mm scale aeronef (or two!)
  • Paint a unit of redcoats
  • Paint Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria (Gawd bless 'er) and other civilians
  • Paint some period policemen
  • Convert and paint three mechanised walkers
Space Hulk 
  • Paint marines
  • Paint genestealers and broodlord

Now, that's a heck of a lot for me, especially considering my low output last year. However, my overall resolution is to paint at least one figure per week on average, ie have 52 figures painted by 31/12/12. Wish me luck...