22 January 2013

Dungeons and Dragons PDFs available once more

Thanks to a heads up from Bat in the Attic games I'm now the proud owner of a free copy of the .pdf of B1, In Search of the Unknown basic Dungeons and Dragons from http://www.dndclassics.com/, the newest venture from RPGDriveThru.

They are rather marvellously making all the original D&D adventures available again. Happy news for any committed old-schoolers, nostalgics, or dungeon masters on the look out for a new (old?) source of inspiration.

Happy geeking,

16 January 2013

Dredd's ALIVE

Shamelessly stolen from Facebook, I figured that at least some of this blog's readers would appreciate this rather delightful combination of two 1980s geek-icons. Proper British old-school!

Oh, and watch this space for the draft version of Goblinquest. I'm soooo close to having a single coherent document, I can smell it!

Happy geeking,

10 January 2013

So, no apocalypse then?

Happy new year, everyone, and I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas!

It would appear the Mayan's bought a new diary after all, so Time Itself didn't come to a crashing halt with unfortunate consequences that even a towel and a packet of peanuts wouldn't protect against. However, on the down side, the school term started again and I got my traditional New Year Lurgy. Nice.

Despite being genuinely lovely, toy monsters and dice-wise, Christmas was a total bust. Not a geeky present received or game played. EDIT - sorry, one of my brothers took out a subscription for me to Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. Regardless, 2013 needs to have more dice and monsters for me, now I just have to try and sort it out...

In stuff-what-I-stole-from-a-much-better-maintained-blog news, legendary games designer Nick Priestley may have summed up what has irked those like myself who were brought into wargaming and roleplaying by Grandma Wendy, and now find she has developed some sort of dementia so we don't recognise her any more:

The modern [GW design] studio isn’t a studio in the same way; it isn’t a collection of artists and creatives sharing ideas and driving each other on. It’s become the promotions department of a toy company – things move on!

Yup, that's about the sum of things, Nick. And with nothing of my own to contribute (although there are rumours that painting will take place on some of my lead/plastic pile in the near future) I shall leave it there for now.

Happy geeking,