31 March 2012

Cracking the W.I.P. (1)

There's trouble in the wilderness around the peaceful farmlands of the halflings and the braver sort must ensure their borders are carefully patrolled.

These are the little fellows I mentioned over the last couple of posts, a mixture of grenadier (I think) figures carried by, among others, em-4 miniatures (based on old Copplestone sculpts) and some OOP figures direct from Mark Copplestone. If there are any of his old figures that you're after, it may well be cheaper to drop him an email and see if he still has the moulds and would cast some specially for you using his whizzy new desktop casting machine.

I have another bunch (slingers, archers and a couple of mail-clad veterans) that will be needed to round out my Song of Blades and Heroes warband. I stuck with the list as published for my first outing but really suffered the lack of a Leader to coordinate my archers, particularly against high Quality dwarves, so will probably tweak the stats and swap Hero for Leader as the head honcho's characteristic. Any SoBaH players are welcome to comment on that, or on my list below, in fact please do!

Priority for completion: moderate - I'm enjoying painting them


SoBaH Warband list - Border March Wardens

Clovis Holdwine - Q3+  CHero, Mounted  Pts72
Halfed Brockhouse - Q4+  CMounted  Pts32

Bert Lightfoot - Q4+  CShort Move  Pts18
Wilcome Brownlock - Q4+  CShort Move  Pts18

5 x Sword and Buckler fellows - Q4+  CShort Move  Pts11
5 x Archer fellows - Q4+  CShort Move, Shooter:Medium  Pts17
2 x Sling fellows - Q4+  CShort Mover, Shooter:Medium  Pts9