24 November 2013

High art

Well, maybe that should be "Hi, I did some art" and even then, the "art" bit might be stretching things!

To celebrate this blog getting its fiftieth follower (Hi Steve, I love your blog; it's a big part of what drew me into the Oldhammer "movement") I thought I'd share with you some drawing I've been enjoying doing with my kids. There's a great "how to draw" book by Mark Bergin that has step-by-step instructions that are designed for children (or drawing dunces like yours truly) to create fun little knights and castle pictures that I think are full of naive charm. This is the book:

No amazon link - support your local independent bookshop!

And this is what I've art-ed:

Knight with pokey stick

Knight with spiky hitty thing
I even made up my own composition here - I'm practically Picasso
If you'd seen my previous failed attempts at stick men, you'd be impressed! I had fun coming up with different ways to shade. I could get into this drawing lark.

Happy creating,

3 November 2013

Muster project - month 01

Bertrand l'enchantier

Normally to be found at the centre of foul smelling vapours in his chambers, or atop the tallest tower on a clear night, Bertrand can always be relied upon to assist his lord Baron Gilbert de Corbin if battle should come to disturb his thaumatalurgical studies.

Level 15 wizard wearing level 2 magic ring - 255pts

This is my entry for October in the Oldhammer forum muster project and is, I guess, a bit of a cheat as it's only one miniature even if it hits the required number of points. Regardless, I really like this figure. He's from the early Citadel Fantasy Adventurers range and is code FA2-2, published in 1982. It's my first specifically 3rd edition figure I've painted and, apart from not being happy with the base (must read Orlygg's basing tutorial again) and needing to hit it with some matt varnish, I'm fairly content. I enjoyed using inks to thin paint to get a wider range of subtly differing shades in the blue (sacre bleu, of course) robe. I added a smidge of blue ink to the grey for his cloak and hat to tie it together a bit.

One figure down, about seventy to go!