30 April 2012

VSF shopping spree

As I've now painted more miniatures than I'd acquired (net), I decided to indulge myself with a couple of VSF things I've been hankering after :) All the photos below are stock images - I only ordered them last night.

First stop, Ironclad Miniatures for some dastardly Prussians (more on them in a moment), as well as a steam tank for my nascent British force, and a commander to look all heroic poking out through the turret.


And then, to equip the impulsive and antagonistic Freiherr Otto von Schwarz's* Fliegendampf Jager, I bought enough of these wings from Hoard_*_bits on ebay:

I reckon some winged bad guys (I'm playing the Brits, remember!) should add to the fun.

* The dear baron/freiherr is going to be the recurring nemesis for the VSF games that I hope will take place at some point in the next year or so. And if you think he's bad, just wait till you meet his wife...

23 April 2012

Happy St. George's Day

As a rather patriotic sort of chap, wot, I raise my glass to you all in honour of Saint George!

Rather fabulous model below, eh? Made from cardboard, apparently!

19 April 2012

Moloch's Malefactors

This is my team that I'm taking to the NAF cup in Nottingham at the end of May. I was a bit worried I wouldn't get them done in time but I'm fairly confident now with only four still needing proper work. Let me know what you think of this lot so far:

... and still needing basing (and I'm not happy with the buff leather :/ ) ...

... and then the ones who still need plenty of work ...

Happy gaming,

7,000 visits!

Fiddling around with the new settings on this new blog layout, I discovered that this little blog o' mine has had a princely 7,000 visits. Wow! I hope that, with bit of a fresh head of steam on the whole blogging front, that will only be the start.

To celebrate, here is a sneak preview of what will eventually be the vessel for my Copplestone sailors as they cruise the aether in defence of the Empire. Hurrah for laser cutters!

Oh, and you're always welcome to leave a comment; it's much more encouraging to continue when I know people are interested.

Happy gaming.

14 April 2012

Cracking the W.I.P. (4)

Right, this is the one that's top of the list at the moment. My Chaos Pact team for Bloodbowl, specifically the team I'm going to use for the NAF tournament at Warhammer World in Nottingham on the 19th and 20th of May. This year. So only five weeks away. And I've got a lot still to do. My blogging might drop back to the previous low levels while I get them finished. Hmm...

Anyway, the state of play at the moment is shown below. I've got the three Big Guys (minotaur, troll and ogre) finished, although the ogre's base still needs flocking. Same goes for the goblin. I might go back and add replace some of the pink with bright green on sections of the ogre's armour to make him 'pop' a little more if there's time.

They sort of had their first outing last week when we got together for a game of BB7s, which, as you might expect, involves seven players per side. I won one game against another Pact team (after nearly blowing it by getting carried away with bashing rather than scoring, d'oh!) and then got pretty comprehensively trounced by an orc team. I like the models and the feel of the team, but I have a strong suspicion that their initial lack of Skills means I'll probably get hammered at the NAF Cup. Should be fun anyway :)

Priority for completion: pretty damn Urgent! They all need to be painted, based, varnished and dry by the morning of the 19th May

8 April 2012

Cracking the W.I.P. (3)

Victorian Science Fiction, this time. More Copplestone goodies - I just love how easy they are to paint, even for me!

First up, the rank and file who are finished except for varnishing and a bit of foliage on their bases. The question is, do I go for green (so I can use them for action on Earth) or maybe red (for action on Mars or elsewhere across the Empire's off-Earth territories)?

Their officers aren't quite ready yet, but they look like a fine pair of gentlemen who'll maybe not even get the men in their charge killed in a gallant but ultimately doomed action against some steam-powered mechanism of the Prussians, or some fiendish native critters on Venus or Mars. Maybe...

Priority for completion: moderate - I'm so close I can taste it - but there is a higher priority coming up next time...

4 April 2012

Cracking the W.I.P. (2)

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only super-gothic rehashes of sci-fi novels, medieval tropes and ancient myth...

Another glimpse into the WIP list that I'm daubing paint on. This lot would have been my Round 1 entry ('Old Lead', figures from before 1992) for this year's Lead Painters' League if I'd got myself organised (and my Mother in Law hadn't broken her ankle and needed lots of looking after... Anyone want a slightly damaged Mother in Law? Cheap? Free? I'll pay for removal?). This lot are going to be for Space Hulk using the new box set which I deliberately got sans miniatures because I prefer this older style.

Plenty still to do, but you get the idea: red, splash of yellow, shooty and/or stabby for dealing with H R Geiger's Aliens Genestealers. If I can make it look better than rubbish, I'm going to try and use some bery fine blue squiggles on the claws and the hammer to make it look like arcing electricity. I've based them on the nice Sulaco resin bases from Fenris Games and have several more undercoated and based similarly to have the full set required to play the missions in the game.

Priority for completion: low