18 May 2009

Recruitment drive gathers pace

I got the remaining three blitzers painted for Mike's team last night, they just need their team 'eye' transfers adding - I'll varnish the whole team in one go once they're finished. We're heading up to the Blood Bowl Grand Tournament (BBGT) a week on Friday and I hope to have the whole lot done by then. Apart from anything else it means I'll be able to afford to pay for my room!

Once they're all done I'll put up a team photo and then I'll actually have completed a project!!!

11 May 2009

New recruits for Da London Eye

Mike's team (currently known as Da London Eye) got its first regular players completed yesterday. Not varnished yet, but everything else is finished on them, I think. I won't varnish them until all figures are finished in case any touching up needs to be done.

I'm still playing with camera settings, and these have come out with the red looking a bit funny, and the rest a little dark. The quest for decent photos continues....

Black Orc Blocker, Thrower, Blitzer

Lineman, and the two goblins allowed

BB Skaven

I got home early from work tonight (it was too windy for the kids to do any archery, so I cancelled the club shoot), and knocked up a crude light tent out by cutting windows into a cardboard box and covering the holes with tissue paper. Here are the pictures of my initially victorious, but now a little battered, skaven team; the Cheesemongering Vermin...

Score marker, Apothecary, Turn marker, Reroll counters

Linerats (aka, cannon fodder)

The Gutter Runners - super speedy scoring machines

Thrower, Rat Ogre, Blitzers

I don't like the way I've done the bases (I painted these about four years ago when I was just getting back into gaming after a long hiatus), and may at some point strip and repaint them all. I do love these models and think I could do the sculpting much more justice now.

2 May 2009

The bitter dregs of defeat

Like that last mouthful of coffee from a cafetiere with a dodgy plunger, today's gaming was a bitter pill to swallow :(

The Cheesemongering Vermin were confident after their triumphant last outing, but today was a different story. It turns out that relying on your opponent to fail the rolls needed to dump-tackle your ball-carrier is not a sufficiently tactical approach and I was punished for it, losing two of the three games and only just edging the third. Hey, ho.

Pictures of my team (not the games - left camera at home again) to follow.