28 February 2013

Goblinquest ready for playtesting!

EDIT 12/12/2015 - This game has developed into Knights' Quest.
Click here for more info.

With a young king intoxicated by the ideals of chivalry, brave knights undertake daring adventures throughout the darker places of the kingdom. Knights seek to bring glory to their king and their lady. Sharp swords and well-forged armour protect them, and solemn vows keep them dedicated to their goal. Dare you take up the challenge of such a quest?

Goblinquest is intended for 2-6 players (one of whom runs the quest which the others must attempt to complete). A bright eight-year old can probably run a quest, but an interested five year old can easily play as an adventurer. Play takes place on standard 'dungeon tiles' split into evenly sized spaces which can be occupied by one character at a time.

I did it! The draft version of Goblinquest that I've been banging on about for the last however long is now available for all you lovely people to download and play. I hope you all enjoy it. Either way, please please please give me some feedback about it, good or bad, fundamental or petty, typo or gameplay. Oh, and share it with your friends.

Download links:
Draft rulebook
Draft quest
Character cards

I hope to get a sample quest uploaded over the weekend. Until then, happy geeking (and play my game!)


EDIT - download links updated 06/05/2014


  1. Just grabbed a copy of the rulebook: it looks great. Will get back with feedback over the weekend.

  2. Thanks Gareth :)

    You're the first to get in there, so thank you and well done! I look forward to hearing your feedback.

  3. Also downloaded - shall see what I can do with the nipper this weekend...

  4. Excellent! I hope you enjoy it, Thatsants. I wonder if your nipper is as lucky with dice as mine - he's made a mockery of my attempts to balance things 'cos he never seems to roll below 17 on a d20...

  5. Rab,

    I cannot download the files here at work and cannot print at home right now. Any chance you could email me the PDFs to bart.turpin@cbtonline.com?

    Bart Turpin

  6. I too was having problems with the download but would like to try this out with my kids. Could I get the pdf's sent to K_DUBV555@YAHOO.COM ?

    Thanks, Kit

  7. Hi Rab,
    I've been a rpg'er since my brother brought home a copy of D&D from school 33 years ago. Later I got into wargaming and having moved away from London and all my old gaming buddies I now look to the next generation of gamers (my two boys!. One is 3 and a bit and the other only only 7 weeks but I'm already looking about for something to introduce them and keep their papa on the straight and narrow. Your elegant rules look perfect for that purpose.

    I've had an enjoyable look through and been tweaking them a little and wondered if I might share them with you:

    -I'm going to increase all movement dice by one type (D4 to D6 etc) just to give them more manoeuvrability.

    -some other chracter types (with slight alterations):

    Knight: D20/D12/D10/D8/D6/D4, Move D6, Hero, Tough

    Barbarian/Dwarf: D20/D12/D10/D8/D6/D4, Move D6, Hero, Polearm

    Elf: D12/D12/D10/D8/D6, Move D8, Hero, Elf Bow (as Crossbow)

    Wizard/Cleric: D6/D6/D6/D4/D4, Move D6, Hero, Spellcaster, start the adventure with 4 Spell Cards


    Crossbow: Attack with a D20 but then must spend an Action reloading.

    Bow: Attack with a D12

    Elf Bow: Attack with a D20 but does not need reloading. Only usable by an Elf.

    Polearm, Axe, Spear or other Two Handed Weapon: Can also attack into diagonal squares. You Fight at a reduction of 1 dice type but cause a 2 dice drop on the opponent if they are beaten in the Combat.

    Magic Weapon: add +1/+2/+3 to their Attack Score

    Healing Potion: increase Dice Type by 1 back up to starting maximum

    Magic Armour: Gain Tough ability

    Magic Scroll: Wizard gains a new Spell Card

    Wizard Staff: Allows Spells to be cast using a D8

    Ring of Fire: A magical ring which gives the ‘Breathe Fire’ ability for the Wizard. (D6 charges, rolled when found)

    -Adding the Action of 'Reload' for the Crossbow.

    -If your combat roll is double that of your opponent then you reduce their dice type by two steps (or three with a Polearm)

    There you go, that's what I played around with yesterday. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

    I've got some ideas on what to do with treasure after the adventure and how to have a simple advancement for Players and Retainers. I'll pass them on when I've given them a bit of thought.


  8. Hi John

    Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed feedback and share your ideas. Interesting to see how close some of them are to the scribblings in my notebook! Drop me an email to the address in the playtest rules and I think we could have quite a useful conversation about some of the tweaks...


  9. I just discovered these rules. I like hero points. They remind me of Awesome points from Old School Hack, and the dwindling dice remind me of Wushu and Risus.
    I will try a game soon.
    Feedback will follow.

  10. Nice. I think adding a 2 action layer like Descent would be addition ("evil" may only use the combinations move + attack, move + shoot or move + magic. Should make both favourable and unfavourable combat happen more often :) )

    Else I think John have some exellent proposals.


    1. Interesting. Would the two action layer be something that every character could do, or just for those who had accrued sufficient hero points?

  11. The links to the files appear to be broken. Sounds interesting though. Was referred here by www.miniatureworgaming.com

    1. Hi Doug,

      Thanks for drawing my attention to the broken links. I've restored them now, I think! Please let me know if they don't work, and do let me know how they play for you. Thanks again,

      - Rab

  12. I found this blog from a link in a spanish blog. Really nice work! Great for kids. I am going to use this ASAP and provide feedback

    1. Thank you kindly! I really look forward to seeing how it goes for you.

  13. One thing that came to my mind after playing is... why provide dice to lowly creatures such goblins or kobolds? SHouldnt they be just killed if the hero wins the roll? I think that it makes the game slower, but that may be a design idea?

    1. In the reworked Knights' Quest rules, there is an option to play that if a Hero rolls more than triple their opponent's score they Defeat them instantly, which proved to be fairly regularly for healthy adventurers. I was very keen to have each foe be a genuine threat, however, and giving even lowly creatures dice allowed that. The balance feels right.

      Having said that, I'm a strong believer in the principle that if you and your gaming friends want to houserule something then do so - but keep an eye on imbalance.

  14. Good points, and solid rule. Thanks. Really good work

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