This page is where I'll be gathering together the various adventures and worldbuilding posts for the originally Swords & Wizardry (Core) and now BFRPG campaign I'm running as an after-school club with some 6th-formers. This is the first campaign I've ever run. In fact, it's the first time I've done any roleplaying at all for about twenty-five years since I ran the B11- The King's Feast adventure for Red Box D&D (the Basic bit of BECMI, I think) when I was barely into double figures in the late 80s. This will be a learning experience for me and I shall be cribbing shamelessly from the blogs and prolific mapmaking of creative types like Dyson Logos, Michael Fox, Ancient Vaults, and the various RPG G+ communites.

Averaigne is my mid-to-low magic, pseudo-medieval setting. Think mid Hundred Years War for technology levels and broad social structure, but with the serf/villein restrictions on movement etc. massively toned down. There'll be a pantheon of gods, rural superstition, and wizards in the style of the Arthurian romances. Oh, and don't go into the woods at night, there are monsters...

Previous attempts to develop the setting, overheard conversations, etc.

Current characters

Session 00 - introducing the characters
Session 01 - ambush on the King's road
Session 02 - from road, to inn, to gully
Session 03 - tpk
Session 04(a) - forming a new party and introducing the Summoner class
Session 04(b) - subtlety and guile
Session 05 - cowardice and coinage
Session 06 - settling into Corcelle
Session 07 - Alathea's temple defiled
Session 08 - ambushed by gnolls
Session 09 - a noble nobleman
Session 10 - of barrows and spiders
Session 11 - a side-order of heroism
Session 12 - back to the barrow pt.1
Session 13 - back to the barrow pt.2
Session 14 - I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with r...
Session 15 - Tragedy and treachery
Session 16 - Back in Corcelle
Session 17 - Children of the revolution
Session 18 - Tortuous times
Session 19 - On the barricades
Session 20 - End of the world?
Year 1: Epilogue
Year 2: Prologue
Session 21 - Tomb of the Iron God (i)
Session 22 - Tomb of the Iron God (ii)
Session 23 - Tomb of the Iron God (iii)
Session 24 - Tomb of the Iron God (iv)
Session 25 - Tomb of the Iron God (v)
NB - at this point we switched to Basic Fantasy RPG rules
Session 26 - Tomb of the Iron God (vi)
Session 27 - Tomb of the Iron God (vii)
Session 28 - Tomb of the Iron God (viii)
Session 29, 30 & 31 - Tomb of the Iron God (ix), and back to Corcelle
Session 32 - Into the Sewers
Session 33 - Friends of the Green Rose
Session 34 - Eggs
Session 35 - Boats
Session 36 - Guards, Cultists, and Bone Golems, oh my!
Session 37 - Run away!
Session 38 - A death, a cremation, a wizard, and a new character
Session 39 - Shopping and kidnapping
Session 40 - Another PC death, but landholding and security
Time passes 01

As the player mortality count rises, here is the roll of honour for our departed heroes.

I hope this is of use to fellow new Dungeon Masters, and of interest to the rest of you,