5 November 2009

GW helps me reach a decision

One of my favourite websites out there (which has given me great hobby inspiration, advice and enjoyment over the last few years) is www.talkbloodbowl.com

However, if you're reading this entry after the 11th November then the above link will probably not work. This is because Games Workshop, in their wisdom, have sent a Cease and Desist letter to the website manager because it contains the word 'Bloodbowl' in the URL. Now, I can understand protection of Intellectual Property etc, but the manner in which it was done (a week's notice after operating for nine years as the premier fan-site which was heavily used by GW employees to test and produce the last couple of manifestations of the rules) was incredibly heavy-handed and angering. I do not see how it would have been any less effective to politely request that the URL or sitename were changed.

Which is the better way of doing things? To say 'Excuse me', or to roughly barge past, shoving aside the person in your way? Which leaves a better taste in the mouth? Quite.

So the decision? I will not be attending the Bloodbowl Grand Tournament in May (I've been to three of the last four) and I'm right on the edge of a total boycott on future purchases from the main GW. (GW Historical seems to be much more by gamers/for gamers, something I approve of wholeheartedly, so they escape my ire). I will be writing a letter to them to explain the reasons for my decision.


  1. I grew up with GW, luckily i lived a short bus ride from 1 dalling ave in Hammersmith, their first shop before they turned into the international superstore they are now.
    I made a pledge not to buy anything else from GW when they made Rob Broom of warhammer historical redundant at the beginning of the year. without all his work over the years promoting WAB, GW historical would be nothing

  2. Good article. I will be joining you on the boycott of the GT in May, and will not be purchasing White Dwarf or GW models until further notice.

  3. Stephen - I managed to miss Rob being sacked. More anti-brownie-points for GW!

    Dan - good man. If you're still thinking of a WFB Elf army, check out http://www.artemisblacks.com/gamezone.shtml for alternative and competitively priced all-metal figures.