12 February 2010

Blighty BB day coming :)

We (that's the Blighty Crusaders, which has sort of become our club name, after the team name we took for the Bloodbowl Worldcup in Nottingham in 2008) are getting off to a good start in our league for 2010. Our second gaming day will be next Friday - half term and teaching is luvverly :)

The rest of them have already played their first set of games, so my team may be a little underdedveloped in comparison. I'm taking a new team to me, Chaos Pact, which is a little temperamental with THREE Big Guys who may go 'stupid' and ruin my masterplan. On the other hand, they may cause absolute carnage. I have played two practice games total with them so far scoring a draw and a loss, so we shall see...

Wish me luck.

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