25 September 2012


After spotting a thread on Lead Adventure Forum (LAF) this morning bewailing the discontinuation of GW's washes (particularly Devlan Mud, a spectacularly useful addition to my own painting 'skills'), a really helpful link was posted by Major_Gilbear pointing to this blog entry at From the Warp. Suffice to say that I'm already planning an order of the mentioned Army Painter inks.

The summary of the post is:

Army Painter Warpaints Dark tone ink = Badab black
Army Painter Warpaints Strong tone ink = Devlan mud
Army Painter Warpaints Soft tone ink = Gryphone Sepia

Note that it's not the big tins of Quickshade that is being talked about here, but the inks in their Warpaints range.

Hope that's as useful to any readers as it was to me,


  1. To be fair to the Evil Empire, I have to say that Agrax Earthshade is a pretty decent successor to Devlan. I just wince at GW's price-tags! Let us know how you fair with these alternatives.

  2. Indeed, I was under the impression that all the discontinued washes were replaced with equivalents. As Gareth mentions, the price is a bit steep, but they are readily available.

    Good suggestions nonetheless.

  3. I haven't tried the successor washes but have heard from a few different sources that they are either more glossy (Earthshade) or pool oddly (whichever the new black one is). I think I'm going to go ahead with these Armypainter options and will report back with the results. Eventually. When I get round to picking up a brush again.....