30 November 2012

Game design advice needed

Righto, gaming parents (and any other readers, of course), I need a spot of advice.

In the game I'm writing and probably known as Goblinquest, characters start with a d20 as their combat dice and then, as they lose combats, this is reduced through d12, d10, d8, d6 and then d4 before ultimate glorious and heroic death (or victory, of course).

Now, the question is this. Should I keep my original plan and allow heroes to increase their Combat Dice by one (eg d8 to d10) if they kill a foe, or should I go for a more traditional RPG approach and have each foe worth a certain number of points which can then be traded for the equivalent poly-dice (eg collect eight points and you can buy back your d8 if you're down to a d6)?

As I see it, the advantage of 'original' is that it is simple enough for the introductory, parent and child game I intend it to be. The advantage of 'traditional' is that it gives more weight to slaying a dragon than a goblin, and it would allow the finding of treasure to have an in-game effect.



  1. How about having a Basic and Advanced Game section - have your cake and eat it ;)

    I do like the idea of accumulating different amounts of points for killing powerful bad guys - I'm sure the little 'uns would get the idea eventually, once they'd mastered the basic game.

    Cheers for the Liebster by the by!

  2. Totally agree with Thantsants. Have a basic game to play with young children where the dice types goes back up for each kill and an advanced game for old children (including big kids like us!).

    This makes success on adventures more likely for the young children who may struggle with loosing and more challenge when they are ready.

  3. Mmmm, cake! Thanks chaps, that sounds perfect :)

    (You're welcome, Thatsants, it was well-deserved)

  4. I might have missed it, but what combat dice do the Goblins and Skeletons start at? Are they significantly weaker than the characters?

  5. Hi Inkhorn. Goblins start on a d8 and skeletons on a d6 (but might not be destroyed, even if beaten...), so significantly weaker than the characters. It allows for the sorts of heroic actions seen in the stories of King Arthur, or Cu Chulainn, where the knights can cut a swathe through their lesser foes until they reach the Big Bad. Stay tuned, playtesters will be wanted at the start of March...