27 July 2013

Gladiator arena (54mm) - WIP 2

First blood in the arena! The populace and the manes will be well pleased!

Ok, so I slipped with a stanley knife and tried to take my index finger off at the first knuckle. One of those really neat cuts that doesn't bleed to begin with, you carry on thinking you've had a lucky escape, and then realise you're dripping claret onto your workpiece. What a clumsy lanista I am!

At least the plastic I was cutting was red, and none went onto the carpet...

I've also removed the unwanted entrance from another section, leaving me with two entrances and two sections needing filling. Hopefully I'll get a bit more done before we go on holiday.

I hope you're enjoying the summer so far,


  1. Looking good mate.

    I know I've asked a lot, but please, spare your own blood!