14 May 2014

Fetchez le vache!

Apparently I have to have plenty of stock phrases ready for maximum geekage at Bring Out Your Lead 2014 (BOYL14 from now on) at Foundry's new HQ in August. I shall therefore have this on loop while I'm painting and practise my pronunciation of "elderrrrrbehreeeez"

Speaking of painting, I'm still finding time to reduce the value of my unpainted lead. Here's the next (ig)noble chap with a still-wet shield.

Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!



  1. Just for you , I'll make a french taunting masterclass on Saturday night at BOYL ;)

    The knight is superb by tghe way.

    1. Thanks, JB, I thought he turned out quite nicely.

      Glad to hear you're BOYLing, and I think learning humorous and overblown insults in French after a day's gaming and with a couple of beers sounds like good, silly fun! I'll hold you to that :)