11 August 2014

BOYL 2014 - day two (Saturday)

Having been all pleased with myself to get some of the first BOYL photos up and online for the Friday, I've been well and truly gazumped by almost every other attendee... Well, I took photos so I'm going to show you photos, but I'll resist sharing antipixi's most recent "pass me the mind-bleach" internet discovery.

Day two of the siege started with the unwashed and wicked assembling with their siege towers to the fore, many rock lobbers providing withering and continuous fire, and a horde of giants acting as the very angry tip of an enormous onrushing horde...

Setting up for the day; not many figures yet...

... but they soon arrived. Look at all that lead!

And look what we have to resist them with. Gulp!

What a particularly handsome and well-painted set of defenders. I wonder who painted them? ;)

One of several defensive guns

I even got my old Tom Meier dragon in on the action as a Bound Host.

Jeff McC's lovely elves (some of the most atmospheric basing I've seen) were rather exposed defending this hedgerow.

Yes, that is five Citadel bears. And a zoat. And two wood elf boars. Pretty toys!

Men of the match, definitely. Robin Hood and his Merrie Men bore the brunt of cavalry attack, monsters, magic, the lot. And they stood firm! I had to buy some for myself in their honour.

The most destructive force was our treemen allies, however. The cheer from the baddies when the last one was turned to matchwood by an enraged giant was nearly deafening.

"Come on, we're waiting"

"Oh, we're coming!"

All is calm?

And then the dice are rolled, and the carnage begins.

Ready to do or die. Actually, they did both.

The siege towers approach the walls

Battle is joined. That giant has just ridden his cart down the hill and killed the elf archers.

But he was no match for cannon and mortar fire!

The hordes advance

And the defenders hold firm

After a full day of assault, it wasn't looking too bad for the Avalonians. After that, there was a really good veggie chilli laid on by the Ansells, who proved to be incredibly generous and cheerful hosts, even fetching out spotlights to allow us to carry on gaming well after any normal person would have kicked us out. Obviously that then lead on to a night out involving some decent beer and some truly atrocious banter.

Good times!


  1. and some even more atrocious photo googling...............................

  2. It was a massive spectacle, how you kept track of what was going on I'll never know!

    1. Simple, a lot of the time we winged it =P

    2. Yup, whenever The Rules would have slowed us down or got in the way of the narrative, we made it up! That seemed like the Oldhammer-est thing to do and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

  3. Replies
    1. It really, really was! There'd have been room for your delightfully painted miniatures, though. Next year?

  4. A pleasure to game with you sir!

    The pics still raise as big a grin as the spectacle did in the flesh/lead.