2 January 2016

Geekstarter - more details

Last night I posted about my idea to "kickstart" my 2016 hobby endeavours (I work best when I have a structure with achievable goals!) within my pun-tastic idea of a personal Geekstarter, and how I was going to split it into four sections (Painting, Building, Gaming, and Blogging), each with Core and Stretch goals.

My Core aim overall is to play a two games of Dragon Rampant on my own gaming table, using different warbands I've painted myself in each game, and to keep you lot informed of my progress. So what does that look like in detail?

Painting. The big one. Although I will be using exclusively miniatures with an Oldhammer aesthetic, I'm rather excited by the smaller model count that Dragon Rampant requires. The warbands thus painted will also provide dungeon fillers for Knights' Quest and the nucleus of larger Warhammer 2nd or 3rd armies. I'm delighted by my own cunning, and I'll freely admit that some of these are already underway...

CORE goals
  • finish painting a 24 point Undead warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Chaos Evil warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Dwarf warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Bretonnian Chivalric human warband
  • paint a 24 point Orc and goblin warband
  • finish my giant (finally!)
  • paint a zombie dragon (that'll be my Deadcember 2016 project, I hope)

I need somewhere to play these two games! Last year I built the table, but it is currently just a table with some boxes of blue foam stacked on top. This needs to be sorted out. This section is also about modelling and converting. I have some chaos centaurs that need to stop being horse and rider separately.

CORE goals
  • model and texture three 100cm by 50cm gaming boards
  • build some trees in scale (ish) with the figures (i.e 6-11 inches tall)
  • convert three chaos centaurs
  • model and texture a fourth gaming board
  • model and texture a fifth gaming
  • gamify the toy castle I bought last year

I want to play more games! But this is also about writing games and scenarios.

CORE goals
  • play two games of Dragon Rampant with different forces
  • finish writing Knights' Quest
  • write an Oldhammer scenario involving Father Christmas (yes, seriously)
  • Play moar gamez!

A surprisingly large part of the fun of my analogue hobby is sharing it digitally. Go figure! Anyway, I've enjoyed my blogging this year, along with the undeniable affirmation of so many of you commenting on posts and reading my drivel. Thank you.

CORE goals
  • blog an average of one post every five days (i.e. six posts per month)
  • give a monthly update of how each of these goals are going
  • give a monthly update of how much I've painted, built, gamed, acquired, and spent
  • co-ordinate Deadcember 2016, along with a prize for the best contribution
  • take a group picture of what I paint each month using my lightbox
  • sort out proper galleries of my figures for this blog

Phew! That looks quite a lot when written out like that. I hope I manage better than "no goals achieved" like I did in 2015...

Enjoy the weekend,


  1. Man I REALLY want to see that Giant finished. What you've done so fat looks the business!

    1. Thanks, rv, I certainly hope I get on to him.

  2. And a bit of xwing?

    1. I think that could be arranged ;)

    2. sounds like a lot to me as well as teaching and kids..... I would like to get the 8 I am currently painting done this year!!!! if only I had the time to do all that in a year.

      don't forget the December spending....seeing if you out spent me on models for last year so waiting on your final net spend for the year....

    3. Ah, good point - I'd forgotten to do that. Give me a minute...