9 February 2016

RIP Wayne England

I just read, via Facebook, that Wayne England, GW artist and progenitor of a thousand blue/white dwarf armies has died. I hope his family will take some comfort from the deep affection and esteem in which he and his body of work were held by those who knew him in person, or only through his pen.

The first White Dwarf I owned was UK issue #110 and Wayne's cover for it takes me back to being about ten and in the first throes of overexcitement that encountering miniatures and wargaming will do to a young geek.

 The goodness continued inside the covers of other issues with other artwork, as well as his legendary dwarf army:

One day, Wayne, my dwarves will look as good as this.

He was still sketching and an active member of the fantasy gaming community, producing two images to support Oldhammer and the events at Foundry.

Rather gratifyingly, my tweaking of the other image is currently the banner image for the Oldhammer FB group:

For more on Wayne, do go and read the articles by Orlygg on his Realm of Chaos blog:

The dwarf army and other artwork article

Wayne's sketchbook

RIP, Wayne, and thanks for the images.