1 May 2016

World's Edge Wyverns - 03

Happy May Day/Beltane/Bank Holiday Weekend/Rogation Sunday* (*delete as applicable)!

Being in something of an unexpected sulk that I'm not off playing pretendy-fun-toy-soldier games this weekend with all the cool nerds, either in Nottingham or in Ireland, I got on with some painting instead. I think this is probably a good measure of what I'm able to achieve with a 25/28mm figure for gaming purposes, so I'm happy to share these three line orcs for my emerging bloodbowl team. In keeping with my hardcore Oldhammer online-cred (like street-cred, but even more ultimately meaningless), these are all from 1988-ish.

Close-ups after the break...

You may notice that there are no numbers on them yet, which is because I can't decide whether to put them on the rims of the bases, or on the shoulderpads.

After that, gloss varnish, flock the base, matt varnish, on-pitch carnage :)


  1. Blimey you have really gone to town on those faces. Painting in all that detail on the lips must have taken ages?

    1. Thanks, rv :)

      Actually, the lips were fairly straightforward. The sculpts make the lips really protrude so I just did a series of quick vertical stripes in successively lighter colours. I think I used three shades. I do like the effect, though, and will be using it again on the rest of my orcs.

    2. It's a lovely touch. It really adds an added depth to them.

  2. Fantastic work Rab and that touch on the lips is genius. Havin' that!

  3. I really like the skin tone that you've used for these orcs. They look like olives that have spent too much time in the bottom of a martini. The faces are so great.

  4. [looks at Matthew's avatar] From you, that's a real compliment, thank you!

    Oh, and Google says it's your birthday, so I hope you're having fun :)