8 February 2017

First knight nerves

As the amount of time I have to actually sit down and get into the painting groove is so limited, I often am put off starting miniatures in case I make a balls-up of it. The thought of having to start again is so unappealing that I'd then be stuck with a figure that looks a bit poo. Or, more accurately, with a half-painted figure gathering dust that looks a bit poo.

However, if I'm going to complete my self-imposed challenge of completing this army this year, there's no time for (more) dithering. This is the result:

I rather liked the idea that the horn/crest/growth on top of the knight's head was actually a part of him protruding through the helmet so coloured it the same as the tentacles sticking out underneath. I'm not sure I'll do another one with coloured metallic armour as I find it a real pain to do and it nearly made me give up early on. Contrasting it with the almost pastel blue and pink saved it, to my mind, and the lizard was fun to do. I shall do the base foliage for a whole bunch at a time so until then (as he has no shield), he's finished!

Right, only:
  • 4 knights
  • 3.5 centaurs
  • 6 beastmen
  • 2 minotaurs
  • 14 dwarves
  • 5 foot knights
  • 17 thugs
  • 3 banners
still to paint. Easy! After all, I've managed one figure in five weeks...



  1. love it, looks great, might need to speed up to get them all done this year though.

    having said that I am still on zero painted this year.....

    1. I'm just giving the year a headstart so I can surprise it with a burst of productivity later on. It's like crisis TV, but with fundamentally pointless little metal dollies ;)

  2. Don't worry about possible poo looking minis Rab. Just paint'em up as best you can and if they look terrible then just drybrush & drown them in washes :)

    He looks fine, but the dragon mount looks a bit friendly :P

    1. Don't let the gentle features fool you - anyone who separates him from Mr Cuddles (his favourite chew toy) is in for a world of pain so intense it needs new words to describe. Even if you have all the best words. Seriously. Lots of people are saying so. Fact!

  3. The miniature looks wonderful. I especially like the lizard. Please excuse my ignorance. What company produced it? Regards, Karl

    1. Thank you, Herr Zinnling. The lizard is an out of production model from Grenadier miniatures and is one of two poses of their "dragon mount". I have the other pose on its way :)

    2. I see. I'm looking forward to see the other pose of the dragon mount! Cheers, Karl