1 September 2017

Averaigne campaign - session 38

    Session 38 - in which a new NPC, and the necessity for a new PC, appear
    The battle complete, and both the bone-golem and its summoners destroyed, it's time to check pulses and loot the enemy

    NOTE: in order to keep a complete record, but not put off posting these any longer, I'm just transcribing my DM notes. Short and sweet.
    • Jean expires on the slab, they start to cremate him
    • much loot is discovered, including a flamberge blade claimed by Oiseau
    • some rings and gems taken from the cultists
    • the odd wall is turning dull and more solid again
    • strange noises....
    • ambush laid
    • turns out to be Aurelius, two servants from the library, and a very tough looking, wiry wizard
    • wizard (Piers) detects the "alarm" the party broke, disarms Tybalt and holds Montagne in place with a gesture and a  grin
    • doesn't fight them at Aurelius' assurance they are friends
    • wizard praises them for their efforts ("Not bad"), is interested by the story of lizardmen in the sewers, utterly incinerates Jean as a mark of respect, vitrifying the top of the slab, drops the mask from the chief cultist into a bag of holding, suggests that Gwen get her arm fixed "by your own people"
    • the party, with Aurelius again, and Gern (new Jean character), while Piers seals the archway behind them to "get on with my work"
    • Piers is a demon hunter with scars across the left side of his face leaving him blind in that eye
    • Aurelius had tagged along as he'd been at the next desk in the library when the message had come to Piers that the new major magic detector had gone off
    • Back in Corcelle, they go shopping
    More soon.

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