1 October 2017

Corrupting the youth - or is it the other way round?

Mini-Rab #1 had just started at a new school and, as a way of getting to know the other kids, has joined almost every club going - a bit like a university fresher, but without the alcohol-fuelled excess. I hope. He is only nine!

Why is that relevant to this blog? Well, one of the clubs he's joined is run by his science teacher and seems to be a general "geek club", including lego robotics... and Warhammer 40k in its latest incarnation. Yes, despite my best efforts, he is desperate to join in as they push hordes of unpainted, badly glued lumps of expensive grey plastic around. Fortunately I had a squad of kroot in a box and his automatic assumption was that he'd paint them "at least a bit" before they saw table time to see if he likes the game. He wants to paint for about an hour each weekend until they're finished, so they're a bit more painted each week as he plays with them. Good lad! Perhaps 8th Ed will float his boat, perhaps oldhammer will keep him - as long as he's playing with his friends, and will indulge me in my oldschool gaming preferences from time to time, and having fun, who cares?

So, he sprayed...


and started on the basecoat...

Not to be left out, Mini-Rab #2 decided he wanted to paint some lizardmen archers for Dragon Rampant. I'm not sure he has the... required focus... yet, but a start was made:

I even got to start a couple of chaos dwarves as they did this!

Obviously, because I'm weak, and want all teh toyz, I got it into my head that running The Battle At The Farm from the Rogue Trader book for the heir and the spare would be a fun thing to work towards. And then went on ebay. And now have space orkz and space marines winging their way towards Chateau Rab.

Oops/Waaagh/For the Emperor...


  1. My lad is 8 and he has had real success with Army Painter sprays.

    Break the parts into separate colours and spray them.

    once dry glue together.

    Once dry use a sephia or agax ink wash.

    Job done.

    His orks are; heads and arms sprayed green, torsos brown, guns silver.

    1. I hadn't thought of that approach... Hmm... Thanks!

  2. I do feel fortunate that when I was growing up we had hordes of unpainted, badly glued lumps of expensive shiny metal instead!

  3. This is great, and Battle at the farm to boot. I have a box of pesky space orks around here somewhere as well. Look forward to hearing about the lads exploits.