26 November 2017

Deadcember - one week to go till it starts

Yes, folks, just one week until the start of the premier annual "paint a dead/undead minature" competition.

I'll start an album here of the entries as they come in, as well as a thread on the oldhammer forum for users to see the subset painted by other forum users.

What you need to know if you want to enter:

  1. This is a painting challenge for 28mm "scale" miniatures painted during December 2017
  2. The theme this year is (un)dead, meaning casualty figures are as welcome as the usual undead monsters and creatures
  3. An entry can either be a single model, or a group - there is no advantage or disadvantage inherent to either choice
  4. Email a photo of your miniature(s) before painting, and no more than two of the finished item, against a plain background so your painting really shines. Send your pictures to Deadcember 2017
  5. You can enter as many times as you like - the more the merrier - but each entry will be independently considered.
  6. The winner will be decided by me and will be based purely on my honest choice of which is my favourite - quality of painting, oldhammeriness, any conversion work, etc. will all feed in to it, I'm sure.
  7. There is a prize! A new Tom Meier zombie dragon and some skeletons, kindly donated by Ral Partha Europe.

I'm really looking forward to what everyone produces! Check the tab at the top of the page for last year's entries.


  1. Ooh I'm a sucker for these competitions - when I remember to enter them!

    1. After your ork-tastic masterpiece vehicle, surely you've got to have a go at this one....