28 December 2017

There's (un)life in Deadcember yet!

Good morning, gamers, and a belated happy Christmas to you all. I've had a very deliberate few days away from the internet to try and be totally present (no, not that sort of "present", although theat's been fun, too) with family as I'm so easily distracted. I'm back now, though, and shall be scurrying round FB and G+ and the Oldhammer forum to pull in the last few entries for Deadcember that I know must be lurking out there just waiting for a quick photo against a plain background, and an email to deadcember2017@gmail.com, preferably including a "before" picture too.

Unlike me, some of you have been busy, and in Alex's case really really busy! Here are glimpses to lead you to the gallery to see them alongside the other entries:

By inchmurrin

By Alex Howarth. Yes, it's a video entry - of a whole freakin' army!


  1. I follow Alex on YouTube, I'm one of his Nerglings, always fun !!!

    1. Very inventive, and productive, isn't he?!

  2. Thanks for the plug mate! The final video in the series has the full army painted btw ;)