28 January 2018

Ain't no party like a D&D party...

... 'cos a D&D party don't stop until they're out of healing potions and all the clerics are dead!

If that's the case, this party should keep going for a little while as they have not one, but two fully-fledged clerics, as well as a fighter who has a newfound devotion to the god of safe passage to the afterlife and is seeking holy orders.

Still phone photos, but this is what I've painted this month...

Two clerics and a wannabe

Dumnorix (cleric of Alathea), Oiseau (cleric of Nikitas), Montagne (wannabe cleric of Ferrus)

The non-humans

Nausicaa (elf), Gwen (dwarf), Tybalt (halfling)

The new boy

A ranger/fighter type as the new character to replace Ed's latest fatality, and his dog

The annoying one

Aurelius (SJW, giver of sweets to children, and increasingly powerful mage)
This figure has caused me as much grief as all the others put together; as soon as I fix one thing (robes, say), another goes wrong (like his eyes, as you can see in the photo). Still, when he's done I'll have the whole party painted. And that'll be a project completed inside a calendar month!!!!

Coming next...
Ok, I know I said completed, but we all know that's almost an impossibility for anything other than a fixed-miniatures-count game (Bloodbowl, for instance). So here is what I'm just about to undercoat:

That dwarf is not a conversion, but the listed version of him in the dwarf king's court set from which he seems to come doesn't have any baggage. Can anyone shed any light on when he was released in the form I have him? Or is he Nuln-spearman rare and I'm rich!!

There's also this incredibly ugly figure who may or may not join the throng as an enemy:

He's big, too:

That's all for now, but I reckon I've now painted as much this month as I did in all of 2017.



  1. http://www.solegends.com/citboxes/ss2dwfkingsct/index.htm

  2. Mimbrin from the Dwarf Kings Court set circa mid 80's is the base figure but I can't find this one with backpack and pouches to make an adventurer.

    1. Exactly! I thought it was Mimbrin until I realised about the backpack.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. He's from the C06 Dwarf Adventurers range, 1st Compendium era.

    2. We have a winner! Thanks, Ivan, well spotted. No jackpot for me, but at least I get to paint him :)