17 June 2018

Workbench Rampant

After a few months in which I've been using my desk for non-gaming creativity, I've has a burst of mojo. Geeking hasn't been abandoned in the interim, however, and my two sons and I are nearly half way through a 2-teams-each Bloodbowl league.

Fortunately I can fit two pitches side by side so the little Rablings can fluke their way to victory over me simultaneously... I am actually a little miffed that I've taught the older one to play skaven so effectively!

I've not quite got back into painting, but prepping and assembling is well underway.

First, I decided to follow my chivalric leanings and convert up a Bretonnian team from Perry HYW historicals. A little finer-featured than normal BB figures, but lovely sculpts to butcher. Puttying over joins still to come:

I f you look closely at the second photo, you'll see I've even made tokens for rerolls etc!

In addition I decided it was time to get the oldest group of figures I have out of their plastic drawer. These preslotta (fantasy tribe series?) orcs will see action in various rpg type games, as well as Dragon Rampant.

I had a duplicate so I gave him a headswap with a boar boy:

I find it rather odd that both ways the new head seems slightly too big. Weird, eh?

Finally, a handful of Alternative Armies snotling-equivalents (Kev Adams', I think) joined the throng:

 All together now:

Good to be back.


  1. Very cool, very cool indeed. I don't suppose that you have an unloved Asgard Miniatures Giant Orc in Plate Armour hanging about do you???

    1. Don't think so, sorry Phil. I've a couple of the giant trolls via Viking Forge (one painted, the other still to go), but no orcs afaik.

  2. Looking very nice, it's good to get into the hobby groove. I haven't played Bloodbowl in an age. Picked up the current edition at release and it still sat on the shelf :(

    1. Thanks; it is good, and the orcs are now drying in their undercoats. BB is always worth a go, even if the aesthetic of the newest figures doesn't quite foot my boat.

    2. *float

      (darn auto-error!)