15 May 2012

Ready to roll... ones and skulls

Two posts in one day! Blimey! Well, completing one of my Projects for the Year is reason enough, I reckon.

Without further ado, here are Moloch's Malefactors in all their varnish-still-wet glory, ready for this weekend's massive geek-fest that is the NAF Bloodbowl Cup at GW headquarters in Nottingham.

If you're attending, come and say 'Hi' - I'll be the chap that looks like this, but with an extra year or so of parenting and teaching adding grey to the hair, and lines around the eyes...

Happy geeking,


  1. Great looking team - love the colours!
    And I want to try Elfball too - how do they compare?


  2. Thanks Paul.

    Elfball is a much better designed game. You only get to move one player in a turn and can't move the same one in subsequent turns so there's much more planning in terms of when to 'burst out' and go for the score. For league play, I still love the SPP farming of BB, the development of players and the impossible play that works, or the certain score that fails and your player dies. Elfball does have league development but it stays perfectly balanced which is both a pro and a con.

    If you do give elfball a go (and you really should at least try it), make sure you use the two minute warning deck to manage game length. While optional, it makes it a MUCH more exciting game.