18 May 2012

Hey! Ho! Logo!

(With apologies to the Ramones)

I'm getting so psyched about heading off to Nottingham for the NAF Cup tonight. Home by four, freshen up and change, collected by Chris at five, then we hit the road. A couple of hours of increasingly uncivilised banter later and we'll be there. Curry. Bugman's for a pint or two. Bed. Slap up breakfast then GAMING! Woohoo!

Bag of clothes packed? Check!
Bag of miniatures packed? Check!
Let's go!

Oh, and in my pre-gaming geeky trance, I even knocked up a team logo (based on the Houston Texans' logo), printed it, cut it out and stuck it on my carry case - how sad am I? What do you reckon to the logo?

The pink and green are the team colors, the white star eye of the original I've replaced with the chaos pact team symbol, and the bull's head seemed apt for a minotaur-captained team (he is the Moloch of Moloch's Malefactors).

I hope your geeking is keeping you as entertained as mine is me,


  1. I really liked your logo, I noticed it before we'd played. The whole team looked really good on the day so the hard work paid off.

    It was a great day, I just wish everyone I'd played had been as pleasant. I hope to see you again on the pitch next year. It would be nice to to get a rematch when the dice are not giving you the shaft.

    Take care,

    [i]Cheating Woodelf coach[/i]

  2. Cheers Rez! Glad you enjoyed the match - so did I, despite the fact that someone had replaced my dice with ones that had twice as many 1s and skulls, eh?!

    Would be great to have a rematch. Next time I'll have my revenge, mwahahahaha!

  3. Great team and logo :-)
    Lots of 1s and skulls so you roll like me, but hope you had fun regardless!

  4. I did, Paul, thanks. Although there were a couple of chaps there who didn't quite have the social skills that would be considered within the normal spread of things; I guess some stereotypes have a basis in fact...