7 January 2014

Diall "c" for chaos

Turns out the cold I was bemoaning last time is actually a double-lung chest infection; God bless the NHS and antibiotics! Hey-ho, tiddly-pom etc.

Those of you that have avoided pledging for the Crooked Claw indiegogo campaign (And why would you? Get over there now!) may have pennies still for that tempter of the archeogamer - ebay. Sadly, most of the good bargains on there are thickly coated in all manner of paints and varnishes obscuring the 80s goodness, some of which even nitromors won't shift. Meet my new champion for restoring your hard-won sculpts to a pristine shininess:

I picked it up a 500ml bottle in B&Q for £2.95 after dettol, white spirit, oven cleaner and even nitromors had failed to shift the last bits from an Ox Roar minotaur I'd snagged back in November. Two days later? Shiny as shiny could be! A very gentle rub with a toothbrush under some running cold water and it was perfect. I swear I'd have believed it if I'd been told it had never been painted! It brought a few other bits and bobs (mostly dwarfs with crossbows to ally with my Bretonnians) back to freshness as well. And it doesn't smell. And it didn't burn my fingers. Worth a punt, I reckon.

Also, painting. Yes, honestly, even if not since before the lurgy hit. A little, anyway. I'm putting together a little warband for a narrative Realms of Chaos campaign and have a champion (chaos warrior) and his four beastman minions. The first minion I chose was an 80s AD&D bugbear. He's nearly done, needing highlights on all the cloth, wood and rope scraps, as well as the pommel of his sword. I want to get him done, based and varnished by the weekend.

The others in the motley band are these chaps:

Left to right - a Bob Olley beastman with different beastly characteristics for each limb, an 80s champion and a Perry (I think) beastman that was released just in the slotta era. I have a pre-slotta half-orc that will paint up "hairy" as the fourth. No uniformity in my beast herd!

Geek well, and wrap up warm and dry,



  1. We must share some sort of psychic bond. Let me explain:

    1. Over the Christmas period I got bitten by the Oldhammer bug all over again and began painting, hunting on ebay and pursuing suitable rules (I have settled on 'Crom').

    2. The Saturday before Christmas I realised I needed more stripper. I can't stand the stench of Dettol and so decided to get Nitro Mors, which I find much easier to use anyway. I ended walking away with a tub of Diall remover and also find it very efficient (and cheap).

    I'm looking forward to watching your RoC campaign develop.

  2. I've been pondering your post on Crom. One of the things that pushed me away from Warhammer (and many historical sets I tried to get into) in the first place was having ten blokes manoeuvre like a regiment - which is why I'm keen to play the RoC skirmish and I shall be keeping an eye on your approach!

  3. I'd like to try the Diall stuff but oddly its not listed on B&Qs website.

  4. I had that problem too when trying to find a picture - in the end I had to borrow my wife's ipad to take a snap of the bottle I have...

    I think it might be the same as their own brand stuff (exactly the same bottle and price, just a different label), but they had loads of it in the store I went in to (near Bedford).

  5. Called in to my local B&Q on the offchance last night and they had loads of it. Dropped some figures in and a couple of hours later they were already flaking nicely. I'll take another look tonight to see how things have progressed. Thanks for the tip.

  6. You're welcome. I'm glad it seems to be working for you, Steve.