14 January 2014

Things that go bump in the dark

One of the things that has appealed to me and drawn me into the (goat-) loving arms of the Oldhammer chaps has been that, back in the rose-tinted golden era, Chaos was, well, chaotic. Random, perverse, sometimes self-defeating and definitely not serried ranks of uniformly be-skullzed fur laden and characterless warriors. With moar skullz. Now, while an unstoppable horde of pitiless and identical foes can be frightening (clones, robots armies, zombies), it is not the eight-pointed star, pantheon of four of my teenage years. So when antipixi and I forced invited Malc to roll up a force for a narrative campaign from the Realms of Chaos books, I knew that I wanted as varied a looking force as possible: different beast-types (not all goats), thugs, warriors, monsters. In short, I wanted chaos.

First up, then, a Citadel Bugbear that was sculpted as part of its Advanced Dungeons and Dragons range and released in the first box set of monsters, BDD02, in 1985. Although several sculptors contributed to the set (the Perrys, Bob Naismith and Jes Goodwin), I'm going to attribute this one to Mr Goodwin as the style is so similar to the later released AD56 bugbears. This fellow will be a beastman for my Tzeentch warband that so far consists solely of him, painted at least.

Next up is the champion of the band. According to the dice and the RoC tables, he is a level 10 human warrior with rapid regeneration, heavy armour and a two-handed sword that contains a Lord of Change (nice!) who has nine spells. I'm playing around with inks to try and get an almost irridescent quality to his armour, something like a beetle's shell. I'm not ready to share him yet, but he's coming on nicely. The other three beastmen that complete the crew are a little way off yet...

Happy geeking,


  1. Looking good. Mine are ready for painting, which I hope to start later this week.

  2. Nice work so far. The muted pallet works well

  3. Lovely painting ! The pouch leaves no doubt about the sculptor, this comes form the hand of Jes :D

  4. Thanks 24_C and Asslessman :)

    It really helps keep me motivated to receive such positive feedback.

  5. very nice, mine are still in pieces.....

    i hope to start once my form reports and the mocks are out of the way

  6. Sounds like none of us are quite ready, then!

  7. I'm interested to see how your champion comes out. I think the iridescent effect is a nice idea. I toyed around with a similar idea trying to make an armor look opalescent but never got it quite right. Good luck!