25 February 2014

Toys for the toy god!

Sorry, Chico, the title of this post was far too good not to steal at some point!

Well, I've been having a bit of a high-production phase for painting, collecting and even gaming. A veritable purple patch, and here's the latest recruit for Dankpelt's warband, another boar-man.

I've no idea what range he's from, or what year - the tab had no legible marks on it and the sculpt is a little rough in places, particularly across the back of his left shoulder where the cloth of his tunic meets his fur/bristles. Originally he was weaponless so I opened up his hand and gave him a spare sword I got in the parcel when I got the lovely larger scale gladiators a while back (they're still languishing in little individually labelled griplock bags, sadly. One day!), and Bob's your uncle.

Still a bit shiny from the washes - that'll go when I varnish, I hope.
I've got three more I need to paint up to give me the six I need for the unit of tzangors (Nurgle-hating, Tzeentch-aligned beastmen) that I rolled up on the retinue table - we each made a roll to accelerate warband growth and give us more tactical options ahead of our next games day which will probably be in the Easter hols. I decided to spread my collecting wings a little further for these, rather than pathetically moping around ebay and forums looking for RoC era Citadel beastmen, and picked up the group below as part of a larger order from Viking Forge in the USA. These are old Asgard sculpts, so new-old-oldhammer, if you like. Or something. Anyway, they are suitably varied in appearance which seemed fitting for followers of the god of change and fits in nicely with my desire for as varied a set of figures as possible:

Horns 'n hooves   -   weasel thing   -   "many armed lurker"

Larger order? Oh yes! I also got a laden mule, a chaosy hound (possibly a mistake, odd little bits of armour on it, might look more manageable when undercoated and inked), an old Asgard barbarian with two swords who will get a head swap (rat? fly? kroot? I'm undecided) and have one sword replaced by a banner pole, and a wolf-helmed fellow who will have his helmet turned into an actual wolf head. Then there's the odd little fellow who looked from the website to be the same scale as normal but is TINY. I don't know what I'll do with him and fear he may have been a waste of money.

On to the last two - giant trolls! I've wanted the spiked-shoulder troll for a good few years now and, with a couple of extra quid in my pocket, he was the inspiration for the order in the first place. I'm not sure whether I'll use him as a chaos troll in an expanding warband, or put him with the dozen or so pre-slotta orcs I seem to have bought off a well-known auction site (they're soaking in Diall paintstripper at the moment - something for another post).

Oh, and then this box turned up in the post today. Let's open it together, shall we?

Oooh, this looks promising!


Harboth and eight of his boys

Two Rangers, a gamekeeper and a witch, plus two pre-slottas. Maybe a half orc top left? Top middle is carrying a chain.

"I am the laaAAaaw!"

No idea. Seems to be "TA" on the base. The rider is twirling a rather magnificent 'tache and has a helmet perched on his left hip.

"Ral Partha 1979" Elves? Melbinoneans?

"FA" and a number." Fantasy Adventurers? Could the three greenskins be hobgoblins?

Apart from the 1/35 plastic Revell knights I'm bidding on at the moment (for my two little monsters to practise painting), I'm going on a self-imposed hobby purchase ban until the end of March,. I think I need to! Especially as I have the Crooked Claw indiegogo figures coming, and (finally!) the Itar's Workshop dungeon castings. Obviously, extreme bargains will still be allowed, but I won't go looking for them. Honest, guv!

Now, if you know what any of those figures above are, please leave me a comment below. I'm also looking to sell/trade everything from Dredd onwards - interested?

Enjoy your toys,


  1. Cheeky git... lol. Looks like a rather good Job Lot though and some nice painting. Oh and a C&D letter is being sent to you as we speak ;)

    1. Say it ain't so! Being part of a global miniatures business has changed you, Chico, and so quickly!

  2. "Obviously, extreme bargains will still be allowed, but I won't go looking for them." Famous last words! I've got a load of bids on for assorted RT goodies at present. I keep telling the missus 'don't worry, I probably won't win half of them' when really I hope I win 'em all!

    1. See, if I'd won that cheapo copy of Rogue Trader last week then I'd probably be hunting down one of the early Inquisitor models and a space zoat as we speak. But I didn't, so I'm safe....... for now!

    2. I got Laserburn yesterday. Once you get your head around the archaic layout it's a rather good little system. No rules for psyker types though...

    3. Lack of psyker rules doesn't bother me - I'll be really interested to hear your take on how it plays.

  3. Yeah, the spikey shoulder troll I remember from my youth. Always wanted it, but never did.

    Just of of curiosity, how tall is he?


    1. He's 38mm to the top of his head, 42mm to the top of the spike. Both measured from the underside of his base which is about a 1mm thick.

  4. i wish i had this much time to get all the stuff i want...still havent even started painting the warband yet, but got the dark elf crossbowman now so warband is up to date figure wise. then again perhaps i shouldnt paint them after what happened when we played to your painted figures lol!!!