21 April 2014

A few little things simmering away

Ok, so nothing actually complete, but I've been pootling about with a couple of bits and pieces over the last few days.

First up, some paint starting to appear on that converted centaur:

I'm quite pleased with the horse colour so far.

Next up, the other new set of followers for my RoC warband - minotaurs! Four, to be precise:

Yes, I know, that's only two. Well, number three will hopefully be mine tomorrow as long as no-one snipes me. Then I just need to get a fourth (fat, big axe in his right hand) minotaur lord from the same set.

Then, two of the other projects that I've (foolishly?) signed up for - the How to start Oldhammer (HtsO) and Muster projects. I've cunningly decided to available Foundry recasts of early Brettonian figures, thus ticking the "easily available" box for the HtsO project at the same time as boosting my (pathetically tiny at the moment) Bret. Muster. Knights and some handgunners:

First two, just needing bases to be finished

All ten of the little gunner chaps, nearly started

So, there you go. And now back to getting sucked into Rogue Trader and coming up with some guidelines for a RoC-style warband for a Rogue Trader himself.

Toodle pip,


  1. I love the image of the centaur floating on a sea of foundry paints!

    1. Yes, I was going to move him to where I normally take snaps but it amused me too!

  2. Nice work so far, it seems we have similair tastes in chaos troops as I can't get enough of centaurs and minotaurs although yours are from a much earlier (reads cooler) era.
    Looking forward to seeing how you tackle the flesh tones on the Minos especially.

    1. Thanks! I just won an auction for the mino that usually has the gimp mask head (although, happily, this one has just a big snarly head instead) and the half sword. The quest for the fourth one on my list continues...