9 April 2014

A free pass for good behaviour

So, after a kicker of a half term (admittedly with an amazing overseas trip in the middle), I was rewarded with a day-pass by the Minister of the Interior so I could go and play with my little mens. The weather was perfect for a day indoors rolling poly-dice (this was a Realms of Chaos day, so d100s and d1000s cropped up regularly) - it was always on the verge of absolutely hoying it down. Antipixi (Nurgle) and I (Tzeentch) had groomed over the internet invited Whiskey Priest (Khorne) to make us up to four, along with an offline friend, Malc (also Khorne). As well as turning out to be a thoroughly nice chap in the face of a sustained and repeated pounding from slightly more developed warbands and the dice, WP also brought his snazzy new caulking mat for us to play on, and a (very nicely) painted warband. Actually, this is where I should insert the pre-match warning: CAUTION - the following pictures includes images of unpainted miniatures in use! Strangely, the two culprits for such an abomination didn't think my suggestion of -1 to all dice rolls was a suitable one...

We played three games in total. The first were antipixi vs Whiskey Priest (hairy nuns in a courtyard - click on their names for their respective tales of victory and woe) and me vs Malc (coming up, below), then a four-way carnage after lunch.

So, onto the dice rolling!

An abandoned farm between them, the two old foes barked insults at one another - would the Grand Coward of Khorne run from the might of Dankpelt's warband once more?

Erm... yes, yes he would! A well aimed blast from Dankpelt's fireball-hurling standard, followed by a firestorm of Tzeentch from the Lord of Change contained within Bruchvir's sword and the beastmen being led by that vicious little dwarf turned tail and legged it...

... allowing the new tzaangor followers (including the newly painted trio of Asgard monstrosities that are March's painting output by me) to charge the dark elfs.

Meanwhile, the dwarf was still running with those pink horrors chasing him down and ineffectually clawing at him...

... until he fled the field. Notice that the dark elfs have been slaughtered, too! Hurrah for my little mens!

As a reward for such a glorious victory, Tzeentch rewarded Dankpelt by granting him magical powers (three level 1 spells and six magic points) as well as a magical weapon (which we forgot to roll up - something for next time) and four new minotaur followers (raargh!).

As we broke for lunch, I was feeling pretty chipper. However....


  1. Rab, he got 10 magic points! (A 6 and two 2s) and yes you should have got a magic item too (another one!).

    I look forward to your write up of the afternoon game. ;-)

  2. Oops, I'll fix that - I have ten written down but the effort of transferring one number from page to screen was evidently too much for my poor addled brain!