25 October 2014

helix infestus giganticus

The giant aggressive land snail (helix infestus giganticus) is generally found in communities of between six and thirty in the sort of habitat favoured by their smaller cousins. Unlike the common garden snail, these brutes are a threat to far more than a nicely tended vegetable patch. Although predominantly carrion feeders, they will opportunistically predate upon small mammals as well as unwary travellers. They have no teeth as such, but excrete a thick salivary fluid which causes necrosis in plant and animal cells, breaking them down so they may be more easily consumed. Their slime trails also contain this compound which, with sufficient time, can also dissolve materials made from plant fibres and animal skins, as well as corrode non-magical metals.

The snail thing that started from my blog post last week has led to an entirely unexpected level of interest, spawning a fairly extensive conversation on Facebook, and now an actual miniature to play the part of the alarming gigantic gastropod.

These beauties (?!) were sculpted by George Fairlamb for Tom Pugh of Bolt Thrower Miniatures and will hopefully see release in the near future.

Now I just need to play around with some stats for them for WFB 3rd, and/or Knights' Quest and get ready for a quest to hunt for the key ingredient in the midwinter feast of the French Bretonnian King's court...



  1. Fabulous giant snail and idea for the forthcoming scenario/game.I am tempted to raid the medieval pictures for conversion/gaming ideas myself.I have some medievals/Brettonian chaps itching for a quest too...
    p.s I agree with the contents of your chivalry comment very much

    1. One of the most pleasing aspects of my last couple of blog posts has been the level of response with other gamers avowing their interest in, and adherence to, the precepts of chivalry - I am greatly heartened!

      Please do let me know how your game and/or creativity goes, I really would be keen to see!

  2. I forgot...
    Here's a link to a snail with shield and sword...

  3. I actually think being ate by snails is pretty scary. Cool.

  4. I'm pretty sure there are already rules for giant snails in third.

    Oh and as for chivalry, i'm on the side of the working class bowmen. Peasants revolt the whole way.