19 October 2014


Dragons? Love 'em! Whether they're friendly or fierce, winged or wyrm, fire-breathing or not, symbol of wisdom and nobility or of the devil himself... Doesn't matter, I think they're great and I've passed this on to my two boys. I've already painted a dragon that I'm rather pleased with...

Nowadays the dragon is on a standard rectangular base, and did sterling work during the BOYL 14 Siege

...and next on the painting desk is probably the lovely old orc war wyvern I got from phreedh

From SOLegends (linky-link-link), mine is fresh from the stripping jar

So, I think I've established that I like dragons! Not surprisingly then, when a fabulous link popped up in the Inked Adventures facebook timeline, I downloaded it straight away. A chap going by the name of Sirrob had turned the sketch by Inked Adventures' one-man creativity machine, Billiam Babble (or Will Meddis, depending on how you know him online):

Darn FB, cutting it down to a square :/

into a colour-cut-stick papercraft model, with downloadable files free to grab from his blog

My two boys set to with the colouring pencils and, after they "helped" me with the assembly, we ended up with these two mighty beasts;

These are the "mini" size, held in small 6 and 4 yr-old hands

As you can see, we left off some of the fiddly dorsal spines, and shifted the legs so they could be zoomed around with appropriate roaring sounds rather than hung up and admired. I was then rather geekily proud when they asked me "Are you sure these are dragons, Daddy? They only have one pair of legs, so aren't they wyverns?"

I have taught them well!



  1. Very nice dragon, and the knight is most excellently painted too.

    1. Thanks, Dean. They're from a couple of years back, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the paintjobs hold up - or perhaps I've not improved as much as I thought!

  2. Love 'em!

    Euan is a dragon fan too (thank you 'how to train your dragon' for solidifying the seeds I set).

    Our last project was a castle based on Castle Coch in South Wales for his homework.

  3. Nice wryms!

    The red dragon does look nice, don't think I could fully appreciate him whilst he was tearing our besiegers to shreds and burning them up!