11 March 2015

Who follows whom? Part the second.

At the time of writing this there are one hundred and three four people who have publicly signed up as followers of this blog (thereby showing their exquisite taste!), many of whom have blogs of their own. My way of celebrating breaking the one hundred mark is to list their gaming blogs and give a quick comment as to why you should go and check them out. I've no idea how blogger decides how to order followers in the list it provides, so I shall start at the back and work forwards.

If the blog hasn't been updated this academic year (since 1st September 2014), I probably won't list it unless it has plenty of lovely archive material. I've also noticed that quite a few people don't have their blog as part of their Google profile, so if I've missed you out it's not because I don't like your blog, it's because I don't know the address!

The fist part of this round up can be found here.

Let's get cracking with the next set!

Name: Philip_Mackie
Blog:   http://philipmackie.blogspot.co.uk/
Why:   Mostly a historical gamer, but sci-fi is sinking it's claws in... Some really nice basing of miniatures

Name: Gaz Shaw
Blog:   http://drumsdeep.blogspot.co.uk/
Why:   Old-school gentleman extraordinaire: real ale, dark metal, classic miniatures, gloss varnish and hex bases. Oh, and author of Trapdoor, the dungeon-crawl ruleset.

Name: Clam
Blog:   http://claminiatures.blogspot.dk/
Why:   Pickford-o-holic and guiding power behind the Ewal Dwergar - chaos dwarves in the style of the MM90 Marauder figures.

Name: headnhalf
Blog:   http://ilikepaintinglead.blogspot.co.uk/
Why:   I love how he paints plate armour, just the right balance of dark recesses and shiny bits

Name: thantsants
Blog:   http://teasgettingcold.blogspot.co.uk/
Why:   Really? You read my blog and you've not discovered the extraordinary scope and scale of the oldhammery goodness on Thants' blog? Go. Go there now and drool at his armies. See if you can find the war tortoise - genius!

Name: Erny
Blog:   http://ernysplace.blogspot.co.uk/
Why:   An excellent gaming host, all round top chap, and founder of the Orctober celebration of everything greenskin. His garage warps space and time to fit so much lead goodness in there, and his kitchen is a fabled gaming spot (with flowery strings of lights, a haunted extractor fan, and everything!)

Name: wardy-la
Blog:   http://gjallarhorn-wardy-la.blogspot.co.uk/
Why:   Follow the dark ages skirmish campaign - lots of nicely painted figures and a satisfying emphasis on narrative skirmish gaming.

Name: Michael Mills
Blog:   http://canisterandgrape.blogspot.co.uk/
Why:   Sabot bases, imagi-nation gaming in the C18th, vikings... and Wargame Bloggers Quarterly webzine.

Name: Furt
Blog:   http://adventuresinlead.blogspot.co.uk/
Why:   Not only beautifully painted figures (mostly proto-Raj and Indian-themed C18th), but without doubt the best comic strip/photo battle reports you'll find online. Oh, and he created Blood on the Sands which, although still in playtest, is the only gladiator game I've found which does the theme justice while being fun to play.

Name: Asslessman
Blog:   http://leadplague.blogspot.co.uk/
Why:   Realm of Chaos and Rogue Trader goodness galore. Plus a giant mutant cockerel. Il est un chevalier puissant et honorable.

Some of those have far more followers than this blog, but fair's fair - I'm listing all of them that have a link in their profile. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did trawling through.



  1. Merci infiniment ! Really nice to see good blogs that I had yet to follow !

    1. De rien, mon ami! Glad you found some new blogs to read :)

  2. Yes what Assless said! Thanks for doing this it is really cool. Also want to be included. Please let me know if my blog page is not linked. I think it is but google is a fiddly beast at times. Please let me now.

    1. Don't worry, yours is on there - in fact, you'll almost certainly be in the next batch and I'll definitely have nice things to say about Give 'em Lead :)

  3. Rab - I updated my blog yesterday, but it hasn't appeared in your "Other Geeking Blogs" list. It does appear in Chico's, so I'm assuming that whatever centrally registers changes has picked it up. Have you added the site - if so I wonder if the URL is slightly different.

    1. Ah - well spotted! I was trying to follow warfactor.co.uk.... No wonder it wasn't working! Thanks.

  4. My latest post has arrived in the list - thanks for sorting that. Strangely your list says 11 hours ago (correct), but Chico's has 1 hour ago for the same post. Some sort of temporal warp disturbance, I expect, or perhaps these feeds are just a bit flaky.

    1. Temporal warp disturbance sounds cooler though, and is so much more Oldhammer. ;)

  5. Thank you for your comment. Sci-fi has always had at least one talon in me and it's trying very hard to sink in more. Well done on reaching 100 followers...I may celebrate when I get to a dozen :-)
    My club show is Attack! 18-19 July in Devizes, Wiltshire. www.ddwg.org.uk for more details.