20 March 2016

First blood (bowl)

If ever there was a weekend to introduce my boys to BloodBowl, the one on which England take their thirteenth Grand Slam has to be it!

Rather than throw the whole of the current LRB at them, I gave them six figures each, statted as human linemen (6338), and two rerolls apiece. We played the full eight turns per half, used assists, the range ruler, hand-offs, and tackle zones but ignored the kick-off table

The glaring evening sun glinting off the astroturf caused trouble for the spectators
It has been an age since I played, so I had to quickly refresh my memory of the dice rolls required. Shocking!

It started with a straightforward catch-and-run, followed by the same in return, to end the half 1-1 but with one of the rats resolutely refusing to rouse itself from its knocked-out state (Dylan Ratley?).

Despite this, a nicely worked steal of the ball and some good linking play (he was planning the order of Blocks by himself at this point) saw the rats take the lead, despite still being a man down. It cost them dear, however, as one of the vermin was splatted before his team-mate could reach the endzone. Luckily, the KO came back and it was still five against four, but with the larger team receiving.

This time the ball scattered all over the place, desperate plays ensued (picking up in three TZs with no rerolls, attempting dodging as if they had Dodge and AG5, multiple GFIs every turn). The rats had a turn that I would have been proud of (one dice blitz, pick up in two TZs, dodge into a TZ and out again, a GFI to bring it down to a long pass) but failed the 3+ catch that would have sealed the match.

The response? This:

Some careful blitzing allowed a pick up and hand off to release the ball carrier and put him on the try line. He didn't dare GFI, but the solitary TZ was easily blitzed away to give the equaliser in turn 16. A great first game, and both want to play again. Cool!

Geek parenting is ace,


  1. Brilliant read!! When are they attending their first BOYL?

    I introduced my 6 year old son to Space Hulk on Friday night and he loved it and keeps eyeing up my 'Ultramarine' game. It's lovely playing with your kids as it helps remind us it is just little soldiers and not something to take too seriously!

    1. Space Hulk is on the short list for games over the next couple of years. I have a hang up about only playing with painted miniatures, though, so they'll only be able to cleanse and purify hulks after I've got busy with the brush!

  2. I am hoping I can get ben into it when he is older, probably start with a version of 7's so that like you there are less players to think about. scary that it has been so long since you played, having said that I only now get to play at the NAF Champs each year :-(

    1. Maybe we could get a game in after work one day?

  3. Excellent! I tried out a simplified version of Space Hulk with my son a few weeks back, and he loved it (he wanted to be the goodies of course). I can't wait to try him or the girls with Blood Bowl in due course too :)

    1. Do it! I'm just about to write up our first proper game.