1 March 2016

[GS Review] February

So, how is the 2016 campaign going? February has been a more productive month :)

The overview:

The pictures:

Of the seven figures completed this month, six of them were Imperial Dwarves to form a unit of Elite Foot for Dragon Rampant. Eventually they will form part of a small allied unit for WFB, and may even crop up soonish in our Knights' Quest games. Multi-purpose painting ftw!

The other was a far less inspired chaos warrior, back left in the photo below. Ah well, he'll serve his dark gods just as vilely as the most beautifully painted figure.

The details:


  • £4.74 - dwarf adventurer and a variant orc Harboth trooper

  • £7.50 - Big tub of filler and some latex gloves
  • £7.89 - 500g cork bark and postage

1/4 goals completed.

CORE goals
  • finish painting a 24 point Undead warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Chaos Evil warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Dwarf warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Bretonnian Chivalric human warband
  • paint a 24 point Orc and goblin warband
  • finish my giant (finally!)
  • paint a zombie dragon (that'll be my Deadcember 2016 project, I hope)

No goals completed.

CORE goals
  • model and texture three 100cm by 50cm gaming boards
  • build some trees in scale (ish) with the figures (i.e 6-11 inches tall)
  • convert three chaos centaurs
  • model and texture a fourth gaming board
  • model and texture a fifth gaming
  • gamify the toy castle I bought last year

No goals completed as originally stated, but I have played more and am now keeping a total tally as well as considering my goal.

Dragon Rampant - 2
X-Wing - 1
Swords & Wizardry sessions - 4
Knights' Quest - 1

CORE goals
  • play two games of Dragon Rampant with different forces
  • finish writing Knights' Quest
  • write an Oldhammer scenario involving Father Christmas (yes, seriously)
  • Play moar gamez!

Core goals are on target. I'm not sure I can claim they are completed unless I manage it for the whole year, but I'm going to colour them green anyway!

CORE goals
  • blog an average of one post every five days (i.e. six posts per month)
  • give a monthly update of how each of these goals are going
  • give a monthly update of how much I've painted, built, gamed, acquired, and spent
  • co-ordinate Deadcember 2016, along with a prize for the best contribution
  • take a group picture of what I paint each month using my lightbox
  • sort out proper galleries of my figures for this blog

How are you getting on with your goals for 2016?

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