14 June 2016

[BB] Rats against Chaos Dwarfs

Despite it being a school-night, I had the house to myself so Malc came round for a game of bloodbowl and to try out the review copy of Deep Cut Studios new "mousemat" bloodbowl pitches. I'll be doing a proper review later on, but you can see it in the photos of our encounter.

Malc brought chaos dwarfs and I thought I'd give my skaven (painted over a decade ago) a run out. We used vanilla teams at 1.1M and Icepelt's LRB6 rulebook.

Ready to go, Malc chose to receive:

By the start of his second turn, three of my players were off the pitch (2 KOs, 1 CAS) which allowed him to form a robust cage that rumbled down the flank and lead to the removal of a couple more rats that I had to throw under the bus to give a ridiculous gutter-runner ball-carrier blitz. It failed, and he scored.

At the end of the first drive, this is what my dugout looked like.

I equalised on turn eight and had the satisfaction of him having to then kick to me as the start of the second half. One all.

Not having enough players to slow things down, I scored on turn two, but I was more players down (up to 3 CAS and 1 KO)

As a result, my line-up to receive his final drive was a little thinner than I'd have liked...

...and once again the cage was formed, leading to this situation at the start of his turn seven with the ball in the hands of that hobgoblin, nine spaces from scoring.

Sadly for me, a successful blitz, hand off, and go for it (which needed to be rerolled!) allowed the equaliser. I ballsed up the one-turn-score and we ended, after a very pleasant evening, coming away with honours even at 2-2. 

After a few games with orcs (AV9), the vulnerability of the rats (AV7, mostly) came as a nasty reminder. I also rather liked the variety across the chaos dwarf team and could imagine getting one in the future.

That's all for now, sports fans,


  1. A secret Rat Fan!

    Nice write up, you seem to have caught a big BB bug, one of the nicer bugs going around these days =)

    1. A relapse, rather than a new bug. BB is what got me back into gaming about 12 years ago, and the rats claimed me soon after that. All that MV9 and AG4 is lovely!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Phil, I was trying to strike the balance between pictures and detail, without it becoming a dice-roll by dice-roll account.

  3. Was a great game, first time out for the chaos Dwarfs and happy to get the draw. Block and armour dice had their moments to ensure that only 6-8 rats were on the field which helped my chaos greatly, but the throwing of rocks at bull centaurs certainly made your life a little easier when scoring your 2 touchdowns. A fair result in the end considering the great defence of the rats throughout the second half I had started to think I would end up failing to equalise, thank god for sure feet...