3 June 2016

[DR] - "Oi, that's OUR village!"

It's always good to start a month's blogging with a game report. Heck, it's always nice to have played a game to be able to report! In this case it was a three-player game of Dragon Rampant against my two boys to christen my gaming board. Whoop!

It became clear that finishing the trees and pouring the river are going to be needed before this feels a "proper" board

The poor villagers of Cliché-on-the-wold had been driven from their homes by an assorted band of creature of nightmare and the marginalia of manuscripts come to life. Some fled North and some fled South, each group finding a (surprisingly identical) chivalrous band prepared to aid them in their plight...

Sir Christopher with his knights (Elite foot), an enchantress (hvy missiles + spellcaster), and the peasants (ravenous horde)

Sir Edmund with his knights (Elite foot), an enchanter (hvy missiles + spellcaster), and the peasants (ravenous horde)
This gave the young generals 6+7+1=14 points each with which to attack me in my village stronghold.

I had some warriors of evil (elite foot), a large ogre/small giant (offensive heavy foot)...

... a band of beasts led by a minotaur (bellicose foot), a bad-tempered troll (offensive heavy foot), and a small group of goblin archers (scouts).

This gave me a total of 24 points, deliberately allowing them a slight advantage in points and a split command to give them a safety net for failed activation rolls. That way I felt I could play "properly" and it would be fair.

The village filled with monsters

Starting positions of the rescuers
The village is that way

Counting his troops and his dice

Enough photos, Daddy, let's play!
The knights advance...

...and race for the high ground ahead of the advancing giant ogre and his master

The advantage of the high ground would be telling

While on the other flank the goblins fail to shoot...

...and are promptly run down and slaughtered! First blood to the goodies

Sir Edmund's enchanter sends a successful bolt of eldritch power to scorch the giant ogre
Both bands of knights take the high ground and taunt their foes to advance

The bellicose beasts counter-charge Sir Christopher's attack and promptly lose half their number. They fled, battered, recovered and then counter-charged again...

...only to be utterly slaughtered in the bloodiest encounter of the game - the knights rolled all 12 hits (thanks to having magically sharpened blades), and the beasts rolled 11!

Only Sir Christopher survived that encounter, but the flank was secured. Glancing across he saw that Sir Edmund had finished off the ogre, and the wizard had put the enemy general to flight...

One swift downhill charge and the day was won!

A great game! Some amazing dice at the right time for Sir Christopher, and careful use of the slope by Sir Edmund, saw the forces of evil defeated in time for tea. Smashing!

Next time we will include Glory points and Quests/Boasts, as well as scenario objectives. I think they're ready...


  1. What an achivement it must be so rewaridng to get to play the first game on such a table with the little ones. Well done !

    1. It certainly was satisfying after the time taken thinking, money on materials, and care in building it, to finally use the table. I really must get those trees done, and then the rivers at some point over the summer holidays.

  2. I had a bit of a giggle when I saw that tray for you kids to roll the dice in. I use something similar with my son too, otherwise your forever chasing the dice all over the place....kids have a hard time rolling dice in a small area don't they :)

    Just out of curiosity, are you gunna add water effects to the stream or leave it as a dry bed?

    The table looks great with all the terrain & mini's on it, well done old boy!

    1. Drat - just managed to delete my long, detailed and witty reply! The short version is: Thank you! Dice trays are essential for me staying calm. I'll do the rivers with envirotex in the summer.

  3. I hope to be able to do similar things with my boys when they get old enough but I'm not sure my wife would approve. Top job fella.

    1. Mine doesn't particularly approve, but she has accepted it as inevitable!

    2. Too right, the kids will want to play with Daddies Toys (if you pardon the expression).

    3. Yup - if we're doing our jobs right!

  4. Awesome stuff. Love the board and the fact you're doing it with your boys. I think RampNt is a good way to go for simple rules for littlies.

    Hurrah for Dadhammer!!!

    1. Dadhammer, indeed! DR is perfect for a game with simple rules that can be grasped by little 'uns, but are subtle enough for us big kids to stay interested, and they're also easy to build a narrative game experience onto without any difficulty whatsoever.

  5. Much coolness!

    You may have just inspired me enough to make a gaming table. So, I'll be over sometime to discuss plans (oh and play a sneaky game of something on that table!).

    1. I should think we can manage that ;) Mrs Rab is usually out for a few hours on alternate Thursday evenings at the moment, drop me an email and we can sort something out. I suspect she would have the "Leanne effect" on my dice otherwise...

  6. The really great gaming tables don't show their true scale until photographed with figures and around people.
    Wow was this the case here, I highly it was a petite 2x4 at most.
    Absolutely gorgeous as is, the water effect will either help or harm, I do hope you're going to do "flat" water, Rapids, rough water etc never look right to me and anything below 1/32.
    On the other hand, it is your board and I should shut up.
    Fantastic. Job getting the wains onboard.

    1. Thanks :)

      It will definitely be flat water, or if not it will be due to a lack of skill with the resin, rather than an attempt to model rapids and the like. I may add a little splash around the odd rock or the ford, but no more than that.