10 October 2016

A generous man

Today I received a box sent to me by what many outside the online geekery circles would call a stranger. There is a better word from the Winnie the Pooh tales, however, and that is an unmet friend.

Here is the box:

What is in the box? Well, in local lad John Bunyan's allegorical tale, A Pilgrim's Progress, the hero Christian asks for a box of truth at Vanity Fair; there wasn't one to be had. This isn't a box of truth either, but it is a box of generosity. Look!

A softback copy of Basic Fantasy Roleplaying for each of my school gaming group, a bestiary, and three adventure/sourcebooks. There's even a hardback of the rules still in the post for yours truly. And all this as an unsolicited gift from a man on the other side of a lot of water who I doubt I'll ever meet in person. Extraordinary.

He has asked to stay anonymous, and I shall respect his wish, but wanted to support the promotion of gaming with youngsters and isn't in a position to do so himself (I often forget that for those outside education, mingling semi-informally with teenagers is pretty rare and the desire to do so is often considered suspect) having been supported in his own geekery by a teacher when he was a boy.

After the political turmoil of the last couple of months all across the globe, my faith in the general goodness of others was in serious need of a boost. This has given me that boost; I doff my cap to you, sir. Thank you.



  1. Quite tremendous. I hope the youngsters are appropriately appreciative.

    1. I'm sure they will be. I'll find out tomorrow evening.

  2. In anglosaxon countries, suspicion about older people who interact with youngsters reaches paranoid levels in most instances. Anyway, it's nice what this man has done - not a lot of people would be so generous, specially doing it anonimously

    1. I agree, both about the generosity and the sadness about levels of suspicion. I really value the time I spend with my students and think that share interests, like gaming or sport or whatever, are another great way for the generations to mingle.