31 October 2016

t'other half

In a brief moment of calm (real life having become disconcertingly Real over the last few days), I came up with the spell book that will be the back of the Magic User sheet for my BFRPG games. I'm also part way through the Thief-specific and generic backsheets and will post them all here for anyone to download and use as they please once they're complete. Oh, and I need to fiddle around to make the backpack smaller for the halfling front sheet.


  1. Replies
    1. Parental health, so I doubt it, sadly. But thank you for the sentiment.

    2. I've just been through a loss, you have my sympathy; it is absolutely devastating and invades every aspect of your life.

    3. Thanks, man. Not there yet, but its impending nature is fairly overwhelming.