10 January 2017

BFRPG character sheet

A while back I posted some sketches of a character sheet I'd made to put a handmade touch to my Basic Fantasy roleplaying campaign (click the Averaigne tab in the title bar for more on that), but I realised I never shared them. This was remiss of me given ho much I have cribbed, copied, and been inspired by others; you may detect a massive influence from Dyson Logos in my efforts.

If they are useful to you, please use them, improve them, whatever. Roll high!

The front is the same for all classes and the rucksack and hands are how we cover encumbrance (although I crossed out three sections of the rucksack for halflings) which has exercised me somewhat in the past.

For the reverse, I have different sheets for magic users:

and for thieves:

and for everyone else:

I hope they're of use to somebody; do let me know if you use them.



  1. Most interesting and highly useable.

  2. These are awesome! Could you possibly make a reverse side for clerics? Turn undead, spells, sketch for holy / deity symbol etc..

    1. Thanks :) Good thinking, btw - yes, I'll put a cleric sheet together.

  3. Long shot here... but would you happen to still be making art? Im trying to produce an OSR blockchain game and need assets