2 January 2017

2016? Least said...

Well, 2016 certainly seemed to be determined to cause as much damage as possible, didn't it? Still, this blog isn't the place for my thoughts on current affairs and/or politics, so let's get back to pretendy-elf-games.

I rather let my monthly review of spending/painting/gaming slip over the last couple of months but here is the full round-up, with Deadcember to follow soon in a separate post. Way back in January 2016 (when it was just Lemmy who'd left the stage), I posted my idea of "Geekstarting" my hobby year. While I've by no means fulfilled all the goals, it has kept me semi-focused in terms of my geeking.

The overview:

2/4 goals completed.

CORE goals
  • finish painting a 24 point Undead warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Chaos Evil warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Dwarf warband
  • finish painting a 24 point Bretonnian Chivalric human warband
  • paint a 24 point Orc and goblin warband
  • finish my giant (finally!)
  • paint a zombie dragon (that'll be my Deadcember 2016 project, I hope)

2/3 goals +1 stretch completed.

CORE goals
  • model and texture three 100cm by 50cm gaming boards
  • build some trees in scale (ish) with the figures (i.e 6-11 inches tall)
  • convert three chaos centaurs
  • model and texture a fourth gaming board
  • model and texture a fifth gaming board
  • gamify the toy castle I bought last year

1/3 goals completed as originally stated, but I have played some other games as well.

Dragon Rampant - 4
X-Wing - 2
Retro-clone D&D roleplaying sessions - 26
Knights' Quest - 2
Blood Bowl - 6 (3 of them on FUMBBL)
Space Hulk - 8
Catacombs - 6
WFB 3rd Ed. - 1

CORE goals
  • play two games of Dragon Rampant with different forces
  • finish writing Knights' Quest
  • write an Oldhammer scenario involving Father Christmas (yes, seriously)
  • Play moar gamez!

Core goals completed! My slight drop for the middle two I am rectifying now, so claim them anyway.

CORE goals
  • blog an average of one post every five days (i.e. six posts per month)
  • give a monthly update of how each of these goals are going
  • give a monthly update of how much I've painted, built, gamed, acquired, and spent
  • co-ordinate Deadcember 2016, along with a prize for the best contribution
  • take a group picture of what I paint each month using my lightbox
  • sort out proper galleries of my figures for this blog

Overall, not too bad, with 9/14 core goals plus  stretch goals completed. 2017 will be simpler with just one core goal (complete my 3,000 point chaos army for 3rd edition), two stretch goals (finish my orc Bloodbowl team, and finish paining my giant). I also plan not to have a net increase in figures - if I want to buy, I have to sell or give away!


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