19 April 2017


I've been slowly getting my painting mojo back, and decided to get out my wet-palette and the matt-medium to have a go with thinner paints and intermediate tones. I use mostly Foundry triads, but the step between the shades on some colours (especially flesh) is too stark for my taste, so a little blending is needed alongside a touch more boldness with the brush, perhaps.

Anyway, this in-progress minotaur is the result of that fiddling about to date:

I think he's coming along nicely so far. One thing that surprised me with this sculpt was finding that he's wearing gloves,which I guess I'll paint black or very dark blue with the leather studded armour in black. Opinions are very welcome! The mechanical left hoof will get some classic black'n'white checks and some plain steel.

Let me know what you think,


  1. That is coming on a storm. good to see you painting again.

  2. Is he wearing gloves or just has some vambraces?

    I like the progress so far :)

    1. Thanks, Mr P. I thought it was just vambraces when I primed him, but there's only bunched fabric detail on the hands; no knuckles, no nails. I might cheat and paint them as flesh anyway...