13 April 2017

Holiday bits'n'bobs

I always have grand plans for the holidays - all those hours I won't be at work, all that time to get on and do some hobby stuff, rather than just doing it exhaustedly and vicariously in late night internet bursts.



Those "free" hours soon get filled. Some of it with pleasurable things (actually spending time with my family, going walking, reading, a museum or art gallery or two), and some of it with chores that have built up (I'm typing this with paint-flecked fingers, not from geeking, but from repainting what feels like half the house).

Nevertheless, some geeking has happened:

There has been a lot more Talisman from the boys (I've introduced the City expansion, next up, the Dungeon)

I made some tentative steps forward on my Chaos Army project which rather stalled for personal reasons over the last two months and needs to be radically accelerated if I'm going to get even close to completing it in 2017. I do have a backup plan involving a giant to reach the points target with less painting...

Actually, that minotaur lord on the left is nearly done now, and I'll post him when he's finished.



  1. Looking good. Oh, the hours I spent with Talisman on the bedroom floor.

    1. It has the perfect blend of great art, intriguing text, and simple (almost simplistic) mechanics. I loved it, and I'm glad my rabble do too.

  2. I played Talisman as a teenager in the '80s with my older brothers. When I got to Uni I progressively bought the full 2nd edition (classic) set/expansions other than 'Dragons'.

    The logical conclusion for me has been a Lego Minifig scale playable diorama/board.


    Exhibited at Brickvention in Melbourne in Jan 2017 and I plan to revisit it with the full City expansion and more diorama 'detail'. This first version had a lot of effort on the places/strangers/enemies/characters/objects.

    1. I only just spotted your comment, but that lego Talisman is AMAZING!!!!!