30 November 2014

Character card

A whole week since posting? Madness! Well, that's working in a school for you...

Still, I got a chance to finish a version of the Character Cards for Knight's Quest that I'm please with. Character name at the top and Combat Track down the right hand edge both remain the same. I've removed the descriptive text to allow a larger character image, removed the Maximum label above the top dice circle, changed the coin image surrounding the character value to a hand sketched version, and put the movement value into a pentagon (I like the shape!) so that I could remove the "Move" label and still differentiate it from the combat track. I have had an idea about representing it with a spoked wheel, with the number of shaded spoke sections representing the move allowance, but that might be (a) difficult, and (b) not immediately obvious to read. It's scaled to print out at the same size as CCG cards (Magic: The Gathering and so forth) and I snapped up a set of 100 card protectors for £1.20 delivered to give it the full prototype treatment.

The Traits and Abilities list in the centre at the bottom looks a little sparse, but Knights have only a single (and short!) starting trait - others have several more and will make it feel more populated.

What do you think?



  1. What about a Hexagon for the movement box?

    The Pentagram does look good, but I think the hexagon might more a little more intuitive, and reminiscent of the games origins.

    1. Hmm, good point. I shall fiddle and see which I like better. Thanks for the feedback, DonsSword.