23 November 2014

Her Majesty's Airship "Ennaychess Vombowl"

Sometimes, just sometimes, one of my boys gets a homework that I really want to get involved in. This week the elder lad had to invent a new form of transport, draw it and then go to town using adjectives and similes to describe it. So far, so educational. However, the chip off the old block wasn't content with a picture, oh no, he wanted to build it. The invention? A flying boat!

It started as one of those cardboard disposable vomit bowls you get in the doctors' surgery, with a balloon on a stick, but then he saw a damaged plane kit in my Box of Stuff (TM) and then there was no stopping him - we even did rigging and rat-lines!

I rather like this atmospheric shot - you can just about see the rigging lines

Proud steampunk engineer
The best bit is that the propeller is linked to an elastic band rig from that plane kit I mentioned so, when turned and released, it spins on its own!

Apparently, the elastic band mechanism is Top Secret - so don't tell anyone, ok?

Toodle-pip, and chocks away,



  1. the teacher is never going to believe thats all his own work ;0).

    What a top effort!

    1. The actual homework (the writing and drawing) is all his, the model is more... collaborative than individual, it's true :)

      Lots and lots of fun to undertake together, though.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, tgm - it was so much fun doing a spot of proper model making with the little scamp.