19 February 2015

Luthor Pavonis

Luthor caught sight of himself in the mirror and raised an appreciative eyebrow; all his items of clothing clashed with at least one other piece - perfect! He'd explained it to Gregor one evening while the brute was having one of his regular memory wipes. Some men of wealth and power took great care to dress exquisitely; what did that say but they had money and lots of people have money. Some wore discrete clothing; this said they were confident that everyone knew who they were without having to catch your eye. Luthor's approach was different; dress like a colourblind pimp to send out the message that no-one dared to tell you how stupid you looked.

Besides, he had whispered as Gregor went into the deepest part of the reboot, Luthor loved to feel fabulous!

I tried to get a velvet-like texture to his purple shirt, which is fine in-hand, but just comes out as slightly lumpy on camera. I enjoyed painting the fat space-pimp, especially as CJ (age seven) sat and painted alongside me for an hour or so this morning as well. EM (nearly 5) didn't last quite as long but showed a good eye for mixing colours for the horse he was daubing away at.

Here is Luthor, giving a twirl:

What a show-off! "Pavonis" means peacock in Latin.

As he is more often seen; flanked by paramilitary muscle.

And those are the five left to get done by the 6th March for my first tabletop game of anything that involves laser guns apart from Space Hulk, and one turn of Rogue Trader back in about 1992.

Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck!

    Looking forward to some gaming silliness

  2. Looking good Mr Rab. I love the little back stories.

    1. Cheers - I'm not normally very good at choosing colours to paint with, so channelling my inner frustrated-author helps my inner frustrated-artist pick appropriate pigments.