14 February 2015

Spacemen and other spacepeople

Inspired by the second Oldhammer Forum (link on the right) legacy project which has just gone live, I dug out the Metal Magic figures I've been picking up from Doug at EM4 as he rereleases them and picked those that would be needed for the Sanctioned Privateer crew for Rogue Trader that I rolled up last April, as well as the figure I've chosen for the legacy project.

For those of you unfamiliar with legacy projects, the idea is that a whole bunch of folk sign up to paint a model from their collection that fits the theme (in this case, space pirates), send them to the organiser when finished, and then one lucky contributor gets their name pulled from the hat and wins the whole lot. The first Oldhammer project was for a forces of law fantasy warband; I failed to get mine done but the whole lot ended up looking like this:

Check out that converted Albion giant, sent all the way from Australia to Nottingham! Quite amazing...

Anyway, I wasn't going to miss out second time round, so I've picked and undercoated my choice, a pirate from the Rogue Trader days:

Now doesn't he look like he had an unhappy childhood to you? He's lightly superglued to the base so he can just snap off to allow the winner to base him in his/her preferred style.

As for the set that are definitely staying with me? They're looking quite tempting to paint as well. Here's a run down.

First, the sanctioned privateer himself, front and centre, along with a lone eldar crewman, human captain of the away team, and more-metal-than-man...

Next, the redshirts, although I think I may go for a delightfully 80s Buck Rogers-esque orange and white combo on these fellows.

... and finally the herd/pack/squad of beastmen. Gotta love a six foot anthopomorphic goat with a bad attitude, body armour and a laser gun, right?!

So, as soon as the unifying spot colour for the legacy pirate crew is voted for, I'll be on it like Sonic.

Toodle-oo from the far future of 80s sci-fi,


  1. Looks like you've well and truly got back on the the (hobby) horse! Some really nice, characterful figures there. I look forward to seeing them painted.

    Looks like Rogue Trader needs to be added to the list of 'games the we will play at some point in the (hopefully) not to distant future'.

    1. Yup - and/or confrontation or necromunda. I reckon we could easily handwave a reason why these chaps are in the underhive or an outlands trading camp.

  2. There is an official (as in it was in citadel journal) guilder list for necromunda, which comprises of a guilder trader and his hired mercenary guards. Humans with auto guns would be perfect for this and your privateer would make a good if well dressed guilder trader. The Guilder can also have pit slaves, the cyborg chap would make a fine on of those.

    The beast men could probably be used as scavy or cultist gang.

    There is also an Ash waste colonist list that may do well for Antpix mad max style gang.

    1. Cool! I've just got a green light for the 6th so I'd better get painting. One thing I got confused by in the guilder list was which weapon list I could use for starting equipment? Pick from the trading post list? I guess that would make sense for a trading gang...

    2. Guilders use the same equipment starting list as all the house gangs.

    3. Right-o, time to start shopping with those guilder credits...