30 November 2015

Dead-cember (prelude)

Advent. A time of reflection, preparation, and impending joy. For me and millions of others around the globe it leads up to the second most significant time of the year, the first being Easter.

However, thanks to a poor pun on the name of the month, and having just bought a bunch of skeleton figures that I want to paint by New Year so that I hit an average of one figure a week for 2015, it's also going to be the month of the (un)living dead! Why don't you join in with any dry bones or squelchy zombies that didn't quite get the attention they might have done at the end of October?

So, here's my unholy horde to disturb any silent night or lay siege to a Good King's castle, twenty-eight skeletons (including musician, banner and champion) from the old Harlequin range now with Black Tree Design:

Stage 0 - based and undercoated
They were mostly pristine casts with almost no mould lines or flash. One pose seemed to have a slightly duff mold and all three of them had a lump of excess blobby lead under their right arm, almost as if that part on the mold has a tendency to bulge slightly.

What will you paint to increase the darkness before the dawn?


  1. They're nice looking figures aren't they. There are some damn good models in the black tree range. Well worth a look.

  2. Absolutely, and with the regular 40% off infantry sale they do, good value as well. Not for those in a hurry, mind!